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Book Critique - Fractured (Will Trent Series #2)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Karin's plot truly gets under your skin, keeping you breathless all the time, gluing you to the edge of the seats, while each turn of the page gives you new suspense and unexpected turns.

Fractured is the second book in the Will Trent Series by Karin Slaughter published in July of 2008. The plot revolves around a murder and kidnapping case that Special Agent Will Trent is assigned to solve along with his current partner, Detective Faith Mitchell.

The books in Will Trent Series aka Atlanta Series, as the name suggests, revolve around the various cases handled by Special Agent Will Trent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation along with his partner Detective Faith Mitchell from Atlanta Police Department and his fiancée Angie Polanski, a Vice Squad Detective. Naturally all the plots are set in Atlanta. He is frequently assigned to cases involving gruesome murders and horrific crimes that delve into the dark, dark recesses of human mind. 

While reading Under Suspicion series co-authored by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke, I came across Karin Slaughter's books. More so because the heroine of the series, Laurie Moran, loves Karin's books. At a local library book sale a few months ago, when I found two of her books, I grabbed them to give them a try. And here is the review of the first of the two books I bought.

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