Kitchen Fun - Pepino Melon Pancakes

In my Obsession with Pancakes series, the next one I present are Pepino Melon Pancakes. Originally from South America this sweet edible fruit with flavor profile being a mixture of honeydew melon and cucumber. 

This fruit always intrigued me and I thought why not blend it into my Pancaked series. So here we are!

And now for my recipe.


Pancake Mix: Use either of the two recipes I posted for Pancake Mix - Aparna's Pancake Mix Recipe 1 or Aparna's Pancake Mix Recipe 2 for this. I used my Recipe 1 in this case.

Sugar - 2 to 3 teaspoons if needed

Pepino Melon - 1 medium sized grated

Butter - for cooking

Preparation Steps:

1) In the pre-made Pancake Batter using Recipe 1, add the grated Pepino. And Sugar if needed.

2) Pour a ladle full of the Pepino Pancake Batter on to the hot skillet.

3) Cook on both sides till they turn golden brown.

4) Top with Maple Syrup before serving.


1) I don’t like them too ripe. So ended up grating the Pepino Melon. If they are ripe, just blend them in a blender.

2) The Kodiak Pancake Mix with Pepino Melon doesn’t need additional sugar. However if the Melon is a bit bland, add a couple of teaspoons of Sugar.

3) You can also top it with Powdered Sugar or Whipped Cream.


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