Book Critique: Leopard's Rage (Leopard People # 13)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Shape-shifting Leopards, Mobsters and Love - A weird combination right? Well, it's worth reading on those lazy days or to bring you out of any kind of dull mood. Although there is a slight drag in this plot.

Leopard's Rage is the thirteenth installment the Leopard People Series by Christine Feehan published in November of 2020. The central plot revolves around Sevastyan Amurov - an Amur leopard, cousin and Head of Security for Mitya Amurov - and Flambe Carver - landscaper artist & a strawberry leopard shifter.

Leopard People Series focuses on a shape-shifter species who can shape-shift to leopards. Each plot covers one couple that are destined to be mated in this lifetime just like so many lifetimes in the past. And surrounding this couple the plot expands, their advantages, their perils and how their lives move along. They are either set in Borneo Rain Forest - coast of South East Asia - or in Louisiana and Texas in USA or eventually lead there. Coming from hard and cruel lairs, these leopards come out on their own, find their mates, infiltrate the mobs and acquire the territories taking over them.

In Leopard's Wrath, we see the character of Sevastyan grow larger than previous books. So I had a feeling that her next book would center around him. True to my notion, Christine stuck to the Amurov Leopards, and gives us Sevastyan's story.

Sevastyan Amurov hires Flambe Carver and her company to do landscaping changes for his home. What neither are prepared for are the rising of Flambe's leopard; the fact that she is mate to Sevastyan's leopard; and the instant sizzling and electric chemistry between them. Before they could get their bearings and feelings together, both are thrown into the baggage each one carry. Now they have to come to a compromise for saving themselves and their leopards or everything will be lost forever.

Sevastyan comes as dominant as one can get, more dominant than most leopards that Feehan has given us. When I read Joshua Tregre and Sonia Lopez's story in the 10th book Leopard's Blood, I thought Joshua was the most dominant leopard so far. Sevatsyan gave him run for his money.

Flambe is as submissive as she can be but with a strong spine and warm core that can match Sevatsyan toe to toe when needed. She is like that thin blade of grass that bends with the wind and rain but still stands still. I really liked Flambe's character portrayal by Feehan.

Feehan also gives more to the Amurovs history and their childhood, the emotional scars that they all came off with. She gives closure to some of those scars as well annihilates the final peril from the lair they originally came from.

Leopard People series is by far the most erotic of her various series, and one of the reasons why I hedged to read the series in the beginning. And this book is no less erotic. In fact, Feehan ventured further into BDSM eroticism in this plot, still not uncomfortable for me to read yet though.

Feehan explores the erotic art of Shibari involving ropes, pulleys and suspensions; a Japanese style of bondage. She had used Shibari as a means of sexual act between two of her characters, Rico Ferraro and Mariko Tanaka in the second book of The Shadow Series, Shadow Reaper. Considering she is venturing her Leopard series as well as the Torpedo Ink Series extensively into the BDSM world, it is no surprising that the theme is repeated.

Although her plot has intense BDSM and sexual scenes, Feehan doesn’t limit it to that alone. She makes her characters realize that sex is only one part of a relationship. There is more to it than one thinks, and a lot more work to keep it successful, happy and satisfied. Apart from the other perils her characters constantly face and fight, this is what I like about her books. She doesn’t keep it just to sex like many others I have read.

There is, however, heavy repeat paraphrasing which also could have been reduced. And again she uses statements such as "adoration for his cock", "thinking about my cock", made me cringe nonetheless. I wish she had done a little less of that still.

As always she introduces new sub-plots with every book. We have still one more story of Amurov leopards to read about, before she goes on to other leopards. Wonder whom she will center he next book, and what kind of perils she would eliminate. Cant wait for her next book.

Another fierce plot involving the shape shifting leopards and mobs that surround them adding to the chills; with strong magnetism in romance and eroticism between the lead characters adding to the thrills and the end goal that these leopard people try to achieve for humanity - all packed well together making it a definite pick.

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. Flambe and her father had set up a system to rescue leopard shifters from other cruel lairs or leopards almost going to extinct and help them escape, educate and settle down safely.

b. Flambe has two genetic disorders, very common with Strawberry Leopards - hemophilia, and persistent genetic arousal disorder.

c. Mitya's leopard is acting crazy even though he is mated. And his mate Ania miscarried a second time in this plot. 

2. Sub Plots:

a. One of Saria’s brothers, Mahieu, and Charisse Mercier – inventor of leopard masking scent – are dating as of Savage Nature.

b. From the time Jeremiah Wheating was introduced in Wild Fire, his character has been steadily growing. Now he is settled in the general area of San Antonio were other leopards are starting to claim territories. He is close to the wives of the several leopard shifters whose stories we have already read, almost like a brother to them. In this book he is part of Sevastyan's security team. 

c. Fyodor and Evangeline Amurov have twins as of this plot. 

d. Law Enforcement the Leopard People deal with constantly: Ray Harding; Jeff Myers;

e. Non-Leopard People who stand-out:

i. Susan Hindman, Senator Hindman’s daughter, from Burning Wild. Christine made her character as brilliant, sharp and fast-learner at a very young age.

ii. Jerico Masters and Evan Mitchelson - security / ranch hands all rolled into one at Jake Bannaconni’s property - aren't shifters but are loyal to Jake.

iii. In Leopard's Blood, Molly Sheffield – also on the run from a dangerous man – and Bastein Foret – the local law enforcement detective – could be forming a couple.

f. Unmated Leopard Men and Women:

i. Leopard Doctors helping the shifters: Dr. Abel Winters and his wife Mary Winters; Dr. Liam Mulligan, Dr. Mason, Doc. Suddenly from Wild Cat the doctors have become Doc. Which one of this is addressed as Doc is unclear.

ii. Jake Bannacnni's security & staff: Trey Sinclair and Evan Courtier.

iii. Elijah's security & staff: Joaquin Estrada and Tomas Estrada.

iv. Fyodor's security & staff: In Leopard's Fury - Kyanite "Kye" Boston & his leopard Bahadur; Rodion Galerkin; Vitaly; Logan Shields.

v. Other Bodyguards for the Amurovs: Jeremiah Wheating; Miron, Vikenti & Zinoviy (brothers); Kirill & Leonid Chernov (brothers); Matvei Bykov; Zakhar Kotov & his leopard Istrebitel; Rodin Galerkin; Ambroise & Christophe Tregre (Evangeline's brothers);

vi. Joshua's security & staff: Carter; Fergus; Kai; Gray

vii. Other Leopards connected to the plots: Felipe and Leonardo Gomez Santos (brothers from Brazilian rain forests); Mateo – Connor’s step-brother; Remaining Boudreaux brothers – Mahieu, Dash, Gage and Lojos, from Savage Nature (; Last of the Amurov Leopards - Gorya Amurov; Sasha Bogomolov in Florida; Cain Dufort; Luan & Arno (brothers); Rory, Etienne, Terry Orsan, Jet Vicks - all work for Flambe; 

viii. Female leopards: Shilo in Borneo Forest; Karisa; 

g. Christine starts to give names to the leopards - human's counterpart - starting Leopard's Fury:

i. Evangeline Amurov's (Fyodor Amurov's mate) leopard is Bebe.

ii. Joshua Tregre's leopard is Shadow while his mate, Sonia's, is Gatita.

iii. Timur Amurov's leopard is Temnyy while his mate Ashe's is Godiva.

iv. Mitya Amurov's leopard is Dymka while his mate Ania Dover's is Jewel.

v. Sevatsyan Amurov's leopard is Shtrum while his mate Flambe Carver's is Flamme.

h. Coalition envisioned by Jake Bannaconni and formed by Drake Donovan with the other Leopard Males - Eli Perez, Elijah Lospostos, Fyodor Amurov, Joshua Tregre, Timur Amurov, Mitya Amurov. They infiltrate the mobs, destroy them, take over their territories, and reduce the crime as much as possible.

i. Enemies the Coalition is facing:

i. Marzio Caruso and Bartolo Anwar - two more crime families introduced in Leopard's Wrath that are based out of Houston, TX. Bartolo Anwar has two sons - Enrique and Samuele. While Marzio Caruso has four sons - Alessandro being the eldest; Donato the youngest; 

ii. A new enemy surfaced in Leopard's Wrath that are targeting Joshua and Drake. They perhaps have a book with details of everyone in the coalition. 

3. Grammatical / Character / Location / Geographical / Historical / Mythological Errors:

a. On Pg. 57, Feehan talks about Flambe and Sevastyan, but at the end of the page, she comments in one of Sevastyan's musings "such good men as Ania's father..". If she was having a scene between Flambe and Sevastyan, shouldn’t that be Flambe's father, instead of Ania's in his musings?

b. On Pg. 155, in the scene at Cain's club when Sevastyan comes to Flambe he is shown holding several bundles of ropes in his hand. However, on Pg. 157, Feehan has Flambe wondering where Sevastyan got the rope, when she had see him holding them a few minutes ago. 

c. On Pg. 162, Line 11 from bottom, it should be "…like she was floating close to…"

d. On Pg. 179, Line 3 from bottom, it should be "…distance in one leap…"

e. On Pg. 255, Line 11, it should be "…wanted it to be her safe…"

f. On Pg. 368, Line 5, it should be "…so it would be…"


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