Kitchen Fun - Nutella Banana Pancakes

And so in my Obsession with Pancakes series, the next one I present are Nutella Banana Pancakes; a bit soft, a little fruity, a lot more chocolaty; and definitely addictive.

Nutella is very addictive and I try to avoid it as much as I can. Because I cannot just put my spoon down. :P And Bananas are one of my frequent go to fruit, mainly because they are rich in Potassium and I need a lot of it considering my running and jogging obsession. So I thought why not combine two of my addictions with my obsession series. And voila! We have another addictive combo to devour on. :P

And now for my recipe.


Pancake Mix: Use either of the two recipes I posted for Pancake Mix - Aparna's Pancake Mix Recipe 1 or Aparna's Pancake Mix Recipe 2 for this. I used my Recipe 2 in this case.

Banana - 1 Medium sized

Powdered Sugar - as needed for sprinkling

Nutella - to spread as needed

Butter - for cooking

Preparation Steps:

1) Slice Bananas into mall round circles and keep aside.

2) Prepare the Pancake Batter using Recipe 2 link above. But make the batter a little runny so you get thin pancakes.

3) Heat a skillet, and smear a little butter.

4) Pour a ladle full of the Pancake Batter on to the hot skillet.

5) Cook on both sides till they turn golden brown.

6) Place one pancake on a plate. Spread Nutella on it.

7) Place another pancake on top of the Nutella spread Pancake.

8) Top with sliced Banana and Powdered Sugar. Serve warm for more deep flavor.


1) You could top these Nutella Banana Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Whipped Cream as well. 

2) Also you can add Blueberries and Raspberries for a more complex flavored profile in your Pancakes.


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