Kitchen Fun - Savory Potato Chip Pancakes

In my Obsession with Pancakes series, the next one I present are these Savory Potato Chip Pancakes.

Recently I came across these Potato Chip Chocolate Bars that are an amalgamation of sweet chocolate and salty potato chip. This had given me an idea to try the same idea for my "Obsession with Pancakes" series. However, when I came across National Potato Chip Day as part of my Quirky Day blog, I decided to combine both of them together.

I am yet to post the National Potato Chip Day on that blog though. In the meanwhile, here goes my recipe.


Pancake Mix: Use either of the two recipes I posted for Pancake Mix - Aparna's Pancake Mix Recipe 1 or Aparna's Pancake Mix Recipe 2 for this. I used my Recipe 1 this time.

Potato - 1 any kind medium sized

Salt and Pepper - per taste

Regular Potato Chips - of any brand

Butter - for cooking

Preparation Steps:

1) Grate the Potato into fine strips like Hash Browns.

2) In the bowl that contains the already made Pancake Batter using Recipe 1 link above, add the grated Potato.

3) Mix everything together. Add Salt and Pepper, mix again.

4) Heat a skillet, and smear a little butter.

5) Fold in Potato Chips as much as you want. Lightly crush them if the chips are large in size.

6) Pour a ladle full of the Potato Chip Pancake Batter on to the hot skillet.

7) Cook on both sides till they turn golden brown.

8) Serve warm with a dollop of Sour Cream.


1) I used Golden Yellow Potatoes to match my Potato Chips. But you can use any kind of potato. 

2) Also feel free to leave the skin on, it adds an extra crunch to the pancakes.

3) I tried two ways to use Potato Chips. First I poured the batter without the chips onto the skillet, then layered potato chips on top. Second I folded in the potato chips with the batter and poured it on skillet. In both cases I could retain the crunchiness of the potato chips. So you can try whichever method you feel easier to do.

4) Adding Green Onions or Scallions or Spring Onions will make the flavor more better. I didn’t have any at home today so didn’t add them.


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