Kitchen Fun - Apple Pancakes

In my Obsession with Pancakes series, the next one I created in my kitchen are Apple Pancakes. They turned out to be thicker than I imagined they would, yet turned out great.

You can use any apples I suppose. But I like a bit tart in apples, so I used the Granny Smith Apples aka Green Apples.

Now for the recipe.


Pancake Mix: Use either of the two recipes I posted for Pancake Mix - Aparna's Pancake Mix Recipe 1 or Aparna's Pancake Mix Recipe 2 for this. I used my Recipe 1 this time.

Green Apple - 1 Medium

Butter - for cooking, as needed

Preparation Steps:

1) Grate the Apple with skin using a grater.

2) In the bowl that contains the already made Pancake Batter using one of the recipe links above, add this grated Apple.

3) Mix thoroughly to blend the grated Apple into the Batter well.

4) Heat a skillet, and smear a little butter.

5) Pour a ladle full of the Apple Pancake Batter on to the hot skillet.

6) Cook on both sides till they turn golden brown.

7) Serve warm with a side of whipped cream, and / or maple syrup.

8) Add slices of apple on top for garnish as well.


1) The apple has enough sugar in it, even though it is tart. So I didn’t add any additional sugar. However, if you have a sweet tooth, go ahead and add sugar as needed.

2) Same goes with Whipped Cream and Maple Syrup or Powdered Sugar. Top your pancakes with any or all if you want. 


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