Meet Mahika, Indian Snow Lady !!!

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been doing a 53 week Saree Blog showcasing all the various kinds of sarees (= Indian draping garment) I have and giving a bit of history on them, as well as my idea of the theme for each photo.

As part of that blog I wanted to include one saree with the Winter Wonderland in the background. My wish came true when we had about 6 inches of snow last month. Me and my friend had fun taking pictures in the snow. I posted about it in my previous post

I also wanted to make a snow woman wearing a saree to match my Saree Blog theme, but the snow from December wasn’t wet enough to make a snowman. Luckily we got around 12 inches of snow courtesy of Winter Storm Cooper, two days ago. And a very wet snow at that; perfect for making a snowman.

Now I present Mahika, (Sanskrit female name for Snow and Frost), Indian Snow Lady, all decked up to match my theme. She is wearing a cotton maroon skirt with a multi-color border and large flat sequins stitched in the border; paired with a red velvet blouse and a sky blue chunni (= long length of material that is half the length of a saree) draped in Half-Saree model. 

She is accessorized with gold colored metal earrings and large necklace; color-coordinated bangles on her hands; red gloves; and silver vaddanama (= gold or silver ornamental belt) belt around her waist. She also has eye lashes and a large bindi on her forehead. Oh! Look, she even carries her own purse perhaps to hold a cellphone or a scarf. :)

Now here I am sitting with Mahika, having some quality conversations, while we enjoy the chilly weather around us. 

My first attempt at making a unique snowwoman and I loved every moment of it. 


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