53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #52

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

One of the bucket list, rather saree list, I had was to take photos with the background of Winter Wonderland. Finally my wish came true with the snow we had in December. Me and my friend, Sunita, did another photoshoot to capture the magic of white and fluffy snow.

I wore this handloom Banaras Organza (= Organza made in the city of Banaras, India) Bluish-Purple and Pink checks saree with Gold and Silver Zari motifs inlaid in the weaving; ending with a plain large pink bordered pallu (= part that goes over your shoulder and behind). I paired it with tailor-stitched thread and bead work blouse that came with the saree. I accessorized it with a long pearl necklace with gold pendant, and long hanging gold earrings; and color-coordinated bangles on my wrists. I bought this 6 years ago when I was visiting India.

We really braved ourselves in the snow without jackets and gloves to take these pictures. As crazy as we are, we did however wear boots so that we don’t get any frostbite. Lucky for us we did this photoshoot just in the backyard of my friend's home, so we didn’t need to go far, and we shoveled only a small path to get to the point where we want to take pictures.

It gave me a new appreciation to all the Indian language heroines who are dancing in the snow wearing sarees or any other outfits without hats, gloves and caps. Oh boy, I really commend the actresses. In that note, here is a Bollywood style of pose with the pallu flying into the trees.

A pic of me with the shovel. Although my friend did the shoveling I just posed. :P

And finally my mandatory matching mask and saree picture - only one with my coat and gloves on in the entire photoshoot.

Here are some of my friend's too from the same photoshoot.

I wanted to make a snow woman as well and post along with this blog. However, the snow that fell in December was too powdery to make a snowman. Luckily we got around 12 inches of snow courtesy of Winter Storm Cooper,  two days ago. And a very wet snow at that; perfect for making a snowman.

And I present Mahika, (Sanskrit female name for Snow and Frost), Indian Snow Lady, all decked up in a half-saree model dress with color - coordinating accessories such has necklace, earrings, bangles and gloves. She also has a purse at her feet to perhaps carry a cellphone or a scarf. :)

Here are me and my friend with Mahika.

This was another fun photoshoot in the Winter Wonderland, again braving Mother Nature; creating a masterpiece; and in the end coming out with beautiful pictures.


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