53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #51

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

A very chilly day with 16mph to 20 mph wind and temperatures feeling like 26F and a prediction of snow on the horizon. So what do you do? Drive to the nearest lighthouse and take pictures with the partially cloudy, windy and chilly Mother Nature as backdrop. Me and my dear friend, Sunita, who indulges me in all my weird and crazy ideas, had a fun time taking pictures.

I wore this three-material semi-stitched saree for the photoshoot. The inner layer of the saree is Banaras Crush saree, the outer layer below the waist in front is Velvet stitched in layers like a skirt; and the front part over the chest and pallu that goes over the shoulder is Super Net material. All three of them are woven together to make a complete saree. It is filled with gold and silver brocade work; with heavy thread and bead handwork border on all sides of the saree. The Velvet portion of the saree that forms the skirt in front is in the form of long strips called Kali stitched with a blue and gold brocade Banaras strip of cloth.

Because the pleats in the front of the saree below the waist are pre-stitched like a lehanga (= skirt), this type of saree is also called as Half-Saree Model. Half-Saree is basically a lehanga and blouse with a separate pallu that is half the length of regular saree that you tie around you. This saree type resembles closely to that. For those who are not into wearing sarees or don’t have a lot of practice, this is a perfect model to try. I bought this some 9 years ago just for fun.

I paired with a matching blouse that comes with the saree and tailor-stitched. I accessorized with blue and red stoned white metal earrings and necklace and color-coordinated bangles on my wrists. Am also wearing this mustard color wool cap in this picture, but I removed it after a while as the wind was pushing it away. We had tried putting sun glasses too but didn’t work. We didn’t have hair clips to keep the hair down though. :P

It was a crazy day for some fun photography. Clearly you can see the way my hair is flying every which way to get an idea of the wind. And literally we were being pushed back while walking or standing. Our craziness resulted in some really good photos too. Note the various Christmas lights tied around the light house.

Here are some with the huge lighthouse with me a miniature at it's base. 

Some with close-up shots at the base of the lighthouse.

I loved the way Sunita captured my pallu flying with the wind. I am posed with the coat on one arm as it was too cold and needed to warm a little before we continued the shooting. :P

Here is one with the Lighthouse far behind me.

A few more from the surrounding locations near the lighthouse.

Finally a few of my dear friend's too. Unexpectedly we both wore red.

Another fun photoshoot despite the harsh weather. 


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