53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #50

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

One of the side-affects of all the cancer treatments, radiation and lumpectomy I went through was unable to move my body as freely and with no pain as I was able to do before. Cancer treatments added so much weight that my knees started to ache and sitting down was a real pain in the you know where. Then the lumpectomy created muscle scars in my left front shoulder area that made it really hard to lift my left arm above my shoulder or reach around to my back.

For a while there it was hard to even wear dresses as I couldn’t reach the zipper because of my left arm's limited mobility. It was heartbreaking for me and I felt so angry at what all that had happened to me. But with help of my mother, who taught me some much needed yoga moves; friends and family who motivated me to continue walking and running even if it is at a very slow pace; and the exercise videos from another friend of mine, Shashi, - all of them pushed me to my maximum limit and beyond thus beating this immobility as well.

So, here's me making a Swastikasana, posture emulating the Hindu Swastika symbol of divinity and spirituality. This spiral sitting posture was not easy to begin with, but with a lot of determined practice I could nail the posture as best as I could. It needs a lot more improvement though. And I am super happy where I landed for now.

I am wearing a dark peach-orange colored pure Mysore Silk saree with light cream border that has golden zari and multi-color thread work woven in. As far as I can remember this was bought in 1998 or 1997, so it's at least a good 23 or 24 years old. I didn’t realize how fragile it had become until I wore it. Now I need to invest on some repairs when I go to India next.

I accessorized it with a multi-colored thread work filled ready-to-wear blouse; and accessorized with large bead and stone necklace, large gold-plated earrings, color-coordinated bangles on my wrists and a gold and white stone chabi gucha (= decorative key ring that goes on your waist) on my waist.

Mysore Silk saree is produced predominantly in Mysore region of Karnataka state in India. It is one of the finest and purest form of silk produced which has fine lustre, inlaid with pure zari work, and non-wrinkling soft quality to the cloth. 

On one note it was a feat for me to do this pose. But on the other hand it was a feat for my friend, Sunita, too to take the picture in the perfect angle to capture the shape. Thanks to her, I think we nailed it.

Here are two more yoga poses that I have been using to make my knees, waist, spine and hands flexible and limber. First one is the Ardha Matsyendrasana Pose, the easier variant of Lord of the Fishes Pose. A seated spiral twist that has many variations, one of which I could practice enough to pose for today.

Finally Vrikshasana, the Tree Pose. I am super impressed with myself on this pose as I am now able to lift my arms above my head. Although if you notice the left arm isn't as straight and my body isn't as straight either. But hey, the forest is full of crooked trees as well. And I am one of them!

A very satisfying post for me and it shows how much far I have come. Now more miles to go, keep pushing and keep moving!!!


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