53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #49

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Do you remember the Alphabet Saree that I posted a couple weeks ago?. Originally that wasn’t part of my saree blog. What I had in my mind was a newspaper saree, which finally came to fruition couple weeks ago. 

When I first saw a photo of a lady who wore actual newspaper in the form of a saree I was wondering how I can do that. Concept wise yea, it was unique. But actually wearing a newspaper as cloth, hmm that's a whole new ball game. And then I found this newspaper print saree on a website that sells them from the state of Gujarat in India. Voila! A light bulb went and had my mother sent it to me, pronto!

This newspaper printed saree is again made of Mulmul Cotton Fabric, same as the alphabet saree I wore earlier. The news that is printed on the cloth is from all over the world - there was about Harry Potter, then about Charlie Chaplin, then some local Indian news, some about old time wanted posters and a large one Rupee (Indian currency) coin from 1965 printed on the pallu (= the part of saree that goes over the shoulder). 

I paired it with a red blouse that came along with the saree and tailor-stitched by my tailor in India. Accessorized with red bead and gold plated large chain and large earrings; black, red and white colored bangles with stones on my wrists; and a red and gold stone and bead chabi guccha (= fancy key ring that goes on your waist). 

The Mulmul Fabric reminds me of another old Hindi song. This is from the 1966 Indian Hindi language drama film Teesri Kasam (= Third Vow or Promise) playback Sung by Asha Bhosle. Music was composed by the composer duo Shankar-Jaikishan to the Lyrics penned by Shailendra. The song was titled Paan Khaaye Saiyaan Hamaaro and pictured on Waheeda Rehman who was dancing on screen. You can see Raj Kapoor in the audience. 

The opening chorus has the lines with Mulmul word in it, which are:

        Paan Khaaye Saiyaan Hamaaro, Saanwli Sooratiya Honth Laal Laal

       Haay Haay Mulmul Ka Kurta, Mulmul Ke Kurte Pe Cheeth Laal Laal

I have to credit the idea for the photoshoot to my cousin, Vinny. She did a newspaper theme background for Father's Day with her family and I simply adopted that to my newspaper saree theme. And my crazy idea was successfully executed by my friend, Sunita. Thanks to her we got some fun pictures that day.

Here are some more from the same photoshoot with different poses.

One of me solo on the sofa show casing the pallu. 

And of course I wouldn’t finish a shoot without my friend being part of it. Here are a few of hers.

And finally, with the matching mask. No photoshoot is complete without a mask now, since that has become an accessory. :P

Another fun photoshoot successfully executed. 


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