53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #45

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

One of my adventures this Fall with my friend, Sunita, in search of fall colors, took us to some unique places to photograph. One such place was this abandoned train line some 25 minutes from where we live. A photo of an empty rail road with fall colors that we saw in a photo group spurred this idea in our brains to do this photoshoot. 

One thing we achieved together was checking off one of the items on my list - picture with a brightly colored vehicle. Originally I thought to do it with a fast car such as a convertible, but what we got during this photoshoot, I think, is way better than what I expected.

I wore this Black solid color Pure Crepe with hand stitched silver bead, stone and thread work all along the length of the saree on both ends and all though with flower and dot designs. I paired it with a silver ready-to-wear blouse that I bought during my very short trip to India this past March. I accessorized with large artificial silver colored earrings with stones and silver colored metal bangles on both of my wrists. 

Here I am pictured with the blue school bus that was left abandoned, along side the unused rail line with a rusted engine in the background. As always it was windy right at the moment we wanted to photoshoot, and my hair had a mind of its own flying whichever way it want giving me a crazy haired woman look. He He He. :)

This is a 4-mile rail line that has not been in use at all, and practically abandoned. We did not expect to see any vehicles or locomotives around, so it was a pleasant surprise when we got this abandoned school bus and an old rusty engine on the tracks. 

We also found this brand-new (at least it looed it) shiny yellow engine on a different track on the side by the building that looked like  warehouse. And another rusty old engine attached to the back of the yellow one. And plenty of hardware everywhere that belonged to anything and everything that has to do with trains and rail-lines. 

And here I am right on the middle of the rail-tracks casually sitting there with nothing to worry about.

We did some fun experimenting shots using a colored glass of sunglasses to capture us through the lens. This did give some variance to the photos.

Here are some more pictures of my friend who did such a beautiful job of taking my pictures. I hope I returned the favor as well. 

After the shoot at the abandoned rail-line we went to the bluff area near my home close to sunset time. And got some beautiful shots with the setting sun. Again we found this rusted iron fence that made a very good photo prop. And a bench that was put in by the town for people to sit and enjoy the sunset.

It is really beautiful out there in the night with all stars and moon visible. In the middle of a populated city it is rarely we get a sight of such pure sky with no light pollution. I often go there and spend time in the evenings and nights to just watch Mother Nature takes us through the miracles.

We captured some sun too in our palms. My beautiful model indulged me again as always. (Thank you, my friend!)

Here are some more of the pictures of my friend too at the bluff.

A truly abandoned rail line right by a busy road that has vehicles pass every 30 seconds and no one notices this beautiful iron and steel sculptures just lying there becoming part of the surroundings. I am glad we got to make them part of our photo shoots making them eternal. 


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