Kitchen Fun - Whole Wheat Persimmon Pancakes

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The first time I tasted Persimmon was some 10 years ago when I moved to Connecticut. I don’t remember if I saw that fruit while I was living in mid-west but I am sure they might have been sold there too. Anyways since that first time I tasted, I got hooked to the taste.

For my Indian friends, it tastes very close to Sapota (= Chikoo) fruit. When my parents were here I got them addicted to the fruit as well so much so that my mom had collected the seeds (which btw rarely we see) of the fruit to take them back to India to plant there. She forgot to pack them in the end though, which I will take them during my trip next time.

Anyways, other than eating it as is or in the form of juice, I was looking for options to incorporate it in other recipes. So today I tried this healthy version of pancakes with persimmon fruit Surprisingly they turned out really yummy. Healthy and Taste - both notes hit the right way.

And now for the recipe.


1) Whole Wheat Flour - 1 Cup

2) Almond Flour - 2 teaspoons

3) Buckwheat Flour - 2 teaspoons

4) Baking Powder - pinch

5) Cinnamon Powder - 1/2 teaspoon

6) Medium sized Egg - 1

7) Milk - 3/4 Cup

8) Salt per taste

9) Sugar - 2 teaspoons

10) Oil - 2 teaspoons

11) Butter - for pan

         12) Persimmon — one medium sized, mashed

Preparation Steps:

1) Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.

2) Beat the eggs thoroughly. Add milk to the egg batter and mix well.

3) Mash Persimmon to a paste.

4) Add mashed persimmon, egg-milk mixture, water and oil to the dry ingredients one after the other.

5) Mix well until the batter becomes thick enough to pour. If needed add a little water in case the batter becomes really thick

6) On a skillet, spread some butter. Pour two ladles full of the batter.

7) Cook on both sides.

8) Sprinkle confectionary sugar.

9) Serve hot


1) If Persimmons are hard t mash by spoon, simply blend in a blender by adding little water.

2) The pancakes by themselves are sweet enough. However if you have a higher sweet tooth, then liberally use maple syrup over the pancakes before sprinkling confectionary sugar.


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