53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #44

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Do Gaz Ki Doori, Mask Hai Zaroori !! (A distance of two yards and wearing masks is necessary !!!),” ~ Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

December 7th marked the 250 Days since we have been hit with this pandemic or quarantine started for us here where I live. So I thought it was appropriate to have one saree with a quarantine theme acknowledging what we are going through and how we all are getting through it.

The first time I heard about Covid-19 was in January when a colleague of mine who had gone to Japan had got flu and was put in quarantine. Before going into quarantine he had sent us all a detailed email about what was happening and that he would be off the grid until the hospital releases him. 

Thankfully it was not Covid-19 for him, just generic flu but it took almost a month before he was permitted to travel back to States. But many of my colleagues had not taken his situation seriously until a month later by when we have all seen how much Italy and Spain suffered due to this virus. And then it dawned on the powers to be here that lock down and quarantine will help flatten the curve.

So since April we have all been living in our own bubbles of lives, some bubbles shared with a few close knit families, some by themselves. And our daily activities constricted to our four walls until summer hit and we could all go on hiking and walking. 

Never in my entire life I imagined to use so much of sanitizer, disinfectant spray, cleansing tissues, gloves and masks. Although I still don’t get it why Americans ran out of toilet paper. ;) Guess, they didn’t know about water usage. :P

In past 9 months, one other thing got added to my wardrobe - color coordinating masks. Well if I have to wear mask whenever I go out (which I always do for everyone's safety and mine too), why not make it a proper accessory. So now I have a collection of them that I wear to coordinate with my outfit (even with my running gear :P). If you have been following my blog you must have seen a few posts with matching masks.

For this quarantine themed photo I wore this dark rose pink Creche Chiffon with beautiful handmade flower designs created using silver thread and mirrors. The entire saree is bordered with a sea green velvet material bookended with a thin strip of silver material. Even the border has handmade designs using silver thread and mirrors.

I paired it with the blouse that came with the saree which was stitched by a tailor. This saree was bought either 15 years ago or 12 years ago which neither I nor my mom could definitely confirm on. But suffice to say it was from a dozen years ago. I accessorized it with a long chain containing a sea-green precious stone large pendant and earrings; and color coordinating bangles on my wrists. The bangles were a gift from my closest friend who gave them to me in my very short trip to India that I did in March 2020.

I have a basket of supplies beside me in the picture showcasing what we have all been accustomed to use during this pandemic - Clorox cleansing sheets, Toilet Paper, Kitchen Paper Towels, Disinfectant Spray and Handy Sanitizer (in my hand). Oh! I am wearing a mask of course!

I am holding a QT Bear made by QT Bear Inc. that came with a mask for the bear and the owner of the bear (me!). That is the mask we both are wearing. I bought this bear as a sort of charity as well as a symbol of what we all are enduring with a happy thought that there is a better 2021 ahead of us. 

Oh! Before I close out, you might want to know what the "caution" and "danger" tapes mean. Well the pandemic is making us to be cautious and caution of any danger with regards to safety. Just wanted to incorporate that as well with my theme! It was fun setting this up and thanks to my friend who indulged me with taking the pictures.  


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