53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #39

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Fall Colors fun with Friends - Part 1

In early October, a group of my friends decided to do a stroll through a beautiful trail and capture the charm of the beginning colors of Fall. Just as how weird 2020 has been so far, the seasons have been weirder too. We did not get colors uniformly as they normally do. So on our hunt for colors we saw more green and shades of reds and yellows here and there as many trees hadn't turned yet.

Despite the few colors we saw that weekend, we managed to squeeze ourselves at every corner where we found the shades of reds and yellows. It was pure fun to also capture some fun moments along with friends who don’t mind when one goes crazy. :P

I used this opportunity to get in one more saree of mine for the blog. This time I wore this Maroon and Black creche georgette and soft silk combo saree. The inner body of the saree is Maroon colored creche georgette which is machine woven into Black soft silk forming the center pleats of the saree, and finally the Black soft silk gets machine woven into the Maroon soft georgette forming the part draping the front of you upper body and over the shoulder ending in a Maroon and Black pallu. 

The entire saree is filled with old and silver Zari motifs and Zari woven on the both top and bottom borders of the saree. I paired it with a matching blouse that was tailor stitched to match the saree. I accessorized it with red and gold beads necklace with a gold pendant; long gold earrings; black, red and white bangles on both my writs; and a red stone and white pearl chabhi guccha (= key chain that goes on the waist) to complete it all.

And here are some fun pictures of us all - of course with masks on when in groups.  

Although when I wore my maroon mask that matched the color of the saree, there was a whole lot of laughter that went around and added to our fun. :)

Another fun day with like-minded friends, crazy about everything including photoshoots. :)


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