53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #38

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Picnic by the Apple Orchard!!!

Another one of those social distancing attempt me and my friend, Sunita, made in September to get the outdoors, get out of the cooped up feeling. We have been doing hikes and running and meeting friends who have been practicing social distancing on and off, but neither of us had been to a location where there were more than 10 people in close proximity. So this was a brave step for both of us.

We decided to go to a local vineyard and do a sort of picnic there assuming there would be lots of outdoor space so we will be far off from others. Of course we took everything from home. However when we reached there we noticed that they were having an outdoor music show. Even with the social distancing it felt a lot more people that we had anticipated. For a minute we freaked out.

Then we saw possibilities. We found a spot on the grass very far away from everyone but closer to the apple orchard that bordered the vineyard. Our plan originally was to go around the vineyard, take some pictures along with the grapes and also the beautiful sunset. But the vineyard was not allowing anyone to walk through their grounds courtesy of the pandemic. So our plans changed. We did a picnic by the orchard instead.

I wore this 19 year old lavender pure Kanchi Silk (= Silk sarees woven by the weavers from the city of Kanchi, India) woven saree with gold Zari leaf motifs all through the saree and beautiful gold design on the pallu (= part of saree that goes over the shoulder) and border on both top and bottom ends of the saree.

Of course the photo had to include the cute picnic basket we tugged along with all the goodies. 

A few years ago when the original blouse that came with it was not fitting me anymore and couldn’t be given any alterations, I got another blouse stitched to suit the saree. Here is what I am paired with it. I accessorized with lavender bead short necklace with gold and white stoned pendant and matching earrings; a chabhi guccha (= decorated and accentuated key holder) on my waist; and finally closed with color coordinated bangles on both my wrists.

Even though we didn’t get to do what we originally planned, we ended up having a fun time, finding some off-beaten roads along the way. One of the places we found was this cute little farmstead where they were selling pumpkins. Of course we had to take pictures with it, isn’t it. Here I am with pumpkins on one and by the hay bales on the other.

One picture of me by the Apple Orchard.

My sweet friend, Sunita, who indulges me every time in all my craziness.

Oh don’t forget the closeup shot of our picnic basket. Which includes the dessert that I experimented on, Lemon Posset. You can find the recipe for that here on my blog

And finally the beautiful sunset we got to see just sitting there, eating our food, chatting and simply enjoying the nature around us.

A simple idea of a picnic by the vineyard turned into a "Road Less Traveled" kind of adventure for us!!


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