53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #36

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Happy Dusshera!!! Vijayadashami Shubhakankshalu!!!

The 10-day festival of Dusshera which starts with Bathukamma ends with Vijayadashami. This year it started on 16th of October and ended on 25th of October. Every year I get to go to Bathukamma events or Dandiya and Garba events here in our local community.

However again Covid-19 disrupted everything for us. So it has been a simple feast with a small pooja (as much as I know), my traditional rangoli and of course getting decked up; which always is the best part. :)

I wore this handloom cotton saree that I bought at the Telangana Handloom Expo during my brief trip to India in early March this year. Again I don’t remember the region from where this saree was woven (my bad! I should have made a note of it). It is a Green and Cream handloom saree with checks all through and a very fine Zari thread woven into it's border and pallu (= the part of the saree that goes over the shoulder). 

Paired with tailor stitched blouse of the same pattern as the saree, I accessorized it with a long chain of pearls and gold pendant, 1gram gold and pearl large earrings with green coloring; and color coordinated bangles on both of my wrists.

And here is a collage of the little festivities I had at my home for Dusshera this year - Top, traditional Rangoli that I put for every festival in front of my home; Bottom Left, the simple food I made as offerings to God before I gobbled up everything; Bottom Right -  glimpse of my small temple where I do my prayers.


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