53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #35

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

As short as summers we have here, every year I make it a point to do a few trips to the beach. The year 2020 has been quite unique in every way, even in making us change our habits. Which meant I couldn’t go to the beach as much as I wanted to. 

My friend, Sunita, and I braved one day at beach one summer day in August. Fearing for being among so many people who werent following social distancing or wearing masks, we ventured into the waters. Lucky for us we got a really secluded spot very far away from everyone and yes even a bit far from the waters (sadly) where we could sit comfortably without worrying about all the perils and at the same enjoy the beach.

I always wanted to have a beach picture wearing a saree. So I took this opportunity t cross that out of my list. I wore this beautiful Sea Green Chiffon Georgette saree with silverish-gold Zari Motifs overlaid on the saree along-side thread, stone and sequin work by hand all over the saree.

The blouse came with the saree with similar work and a border sewn on top. The saree came with two blouses - a day blouse and a night blouse. I wore the day blouse here, the night blouse is much more decorated with hand work of beads, thread, stones, sequins and zari.

I accessorized it with Silver and Gold-plated heavy earrings and necklace along with color-coordinating bangles on my wrists. My friend captured me here in action when the waves rolled onto me. Although the wind played havoc with my hair. :P

A few more snaps from that day with the beach behind me, and one on the fallen wooden trunk in the secluded nook we found.

Here is my friend whom I caught in action as well. I love the light and shadow that plays on water and how the camera catches it all.

We got to spend an entire day there without any harm of someone coming closer to us or fear of contamination. And bonus, we got to see the sunset. Oh how gorgeous it was! We tried to capture this glorious ball in our palm for fun!

It was a relief to be out for a change but that was something I did not venture out to do again till now.


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