53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #33

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

I wrote about a very difficult hike that I did with dear friend and hiking buddy Smitha a couple months ago, more to overcome the side effects still lingering from my year and a half being cancer free. After doing the hike, it came to my mind that I should do a photoshoot in one of the trails wearing a saree. Just to commemorate my hike with my saree blog.

When I ran the idea by my friend, she was more than happy to help me achieve that. And of course I wanted her to be decked as well in a saree so we can do each other's photoshoot. She took me to some of her favorite spots in a trail that she regularly goes. And we got a lot of good pictures from that day.

Well, so here I am a Wood Nymph wearing this half-and-half saree that I bought 15 years ago in India. It is made of two materials - the maroon as pleats and inner body of saree is Banarasi crepe (= made by weavers from Varanasi or Benaras, India) with gold Zari motifs inlaid; the cream outer body of the saree and pallu (= end of saree over the shoulder) is regular crepe with zari and bead flower appliques. The entire saree has a zari border appliqued on it on both ends.

Paired it with a coordinated blouse that came along with the saree. I accessorized with silver and gold plated pearl and bead hangings to my ears; 1gm gold stone and bead necklace; and color-coordinating bangles on my wrists. 

Smitha took me to five spots on the trail that she frequently jaunts, all of them her favorites and each and every one of them are indeed scenic and beautiful. First up I want to share pictures of Smitha at each and every spot we went and some selfies we snagged together.

These are from Location 1 - the first spot on the trail has a little path to walk down to the river that flows beside the trail. The sun was behind us so the pictures came dark, but loved the water landscape behind.

Location 2 was another spot where the trail goes into the river, more like a boat landing zone. We saw a few folks doing picnic near the river that day. The river and land combo behind was simply irresistible for us both.

Location 3 was a middle of nowhere kind of spot on the trail where there was a wooden bench to sit as well as a wooden fence to hang on to. Took some candid shots and photos with forest and river as backdrop.

Location 4 was approx a mile stretch starting with this beautiful barn and going on to a paved and wooden trail decorated with flowers on both sides and the river on one side. I loved the barn more than anything else. Smitha made me look really really beautiful.

Location 5 was a stone and wood church right around the corner from Location 4. It charmed me with it's architecture and the landscape filled with flowers. We had to take one there to capture our feelings when we saw that place.

Thanks to my friend Smitha, I became a Wood Nymph for few hours and added more memories to cherish forever. 


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