53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #32

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

With all the pandemic going on around, the number of places one could go have become so restricted. So every chance we could go out, I have been trying to go. And one of the places me and my friend, Sunita, went in July was visiting the Sunflower Farm, an hour's drive from my home.

Unfortunately we went the week when the temperatures were so high and no rains, that the poor sunflowers were droopy and starving. Yet we managed to snag a few good pictures. It was a really good social distancing visit that me and my friend, Sunita, could go to and let go of the feeling of being cooped up inside.

Here I am posing with the beautiful sunflower farm in the background. I wore this beautiful Pure Kanchi Pattu (= Silk) Saree with the copper thread work done over the saree using a loom. The Saree was first woven including the gold Zari (= even fine gold or silver thread) border and gold motifs all through. Once the saree was finished, the weaver put back the saree again on the loom and created the beautiful artwork with copper colored thread.

I paired it with a ready-to-wear sea-green blouse since the blouse that came with it does not fit me any more (obviously 19 years ago, I was much much thinner! :P). I accessorized it with pure gold choker-style necklace and earrings of the same kind; and completed with color coordinating bangles on both of my wrists.

This saree is 19 years old, that I bought when I was still living in India in 2001. I didn’t even remember I had a saree from that far back. When I spoke to my mom today, she mentioned that I have sarees in my collection much older than that, to my surprise! Cant wait to wear the remaining and revisit my past at the same time.

A few more pictures from that trip. A closeup shot of the same pose as above.

Some more poses with the sunflowers. Poor things, they look so starved

And of course with any farm, we could hand-pick, in this case hand-cut, some of the sunflowers for a very small price. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity right? So here I am posing with my cuts of sunflowers. 

A really relaxing visit it was letting us out of the cooped up mind. 


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