Movie Critique - Wedding Every Weekend

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Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: A milestone movie for Hallmark with romance as usual, but adding one new note to their usual flare, and diversity with the cast.

Wedding Every Weekend is the 2020 Hallmark Channel original romantic movie released as part of their Summer Nights special, in August of 2020. Kimberly Sustad, Paul Campbell, Brandi Alexander, Jaime M. Callica and Peter Benson are among the lead cast. Directed by Kevin Fair and story written by Julie Sherman Wolfe.

Edgar Nate Thomas (portrayed by Paul Campbell), a vintage car restoration guy, washed his hands off the dating world and finding love. Brooke Ethridge (portrayed by Kimberly Sustad) on other hand, working as a physical therapist, recently broken up with her boyfriend Dr. Colin (portrayed by Peter Benson), her colleague; is taking a vacation from dating for a while to find herself. But both meet at a wedding one weekend, and realize that they are attending the same three more weddings that are coming up. They decide to become "wedding buddy" to each other. But little do they know that they are falling in love with each other slowly. 

Sustad is beautiful and easy in becoming Brooke in the film. I have always loved her acting skills, be it she is an antagonist or a protagonist, a lead or a supporting one. Her costumes also are so eye candy to any girl who digs fashion.

Check out her outfits for the four weddings as well as her other fashion she flaunts in the movie. Every single one is a beautiful piece. Martin Spencer did a really good job.

I posted about her 2014 Hallmark Christmas themed film, Nine Lives of Christmas, a while ago. When I watched that film I wondered why she had not had many movies in lead role. Most of her roles are in supporting nature. I still thought the same watching her as Brooke. Why is she still not getting lead roles as many other Hallmark heroines are getting, And believe me some I don’t think they do a good job. I do hope Sustad continues to be in lead roles.

Campbell on the other hand doesn’t charm you immediately. In every movie I watched him in, his characters take time to get into you, but once he is in he hooks on to you. Same thing happened here with Campbell's Nate. He came off as a total anti-woman in the beginning but he charms you after the first 15 minutes of the movie, and you start liking him and eventually loving him. 

I have watched several movies that had Sustad and Campbell in them; and they all were quite good, and enjoyable. However they have acted together only in one other movie prior to this - the 2018 A Godwink Christmas, that aired as part of Holiday Special in November of 2018. Based on a true story, both Sustad and Campbell filled the shoes of the real-life characters perfectly, and they had a very magical chemistry between them. The same chemistry is seen in this film as well. They make a very cute couple.

Hallmark Channel movies are famous for it's meet-cutes: sometimes they have with an accident; or a mistaken identity; or starting off on the wrong foot; or involving an animal like a dog or a cat. In this film the meet-cute for Nate and Brooke happens in a store where Brooke and her friend are doing her friend's wedding registry and Nate is trying to finish off the store credit that would soon expire. Interesting and an unexpected venue!

Apart from the romance angle, the summer setup and the family and friendship bonds; this film is very special and unique with Hallmark. I have noticed that Hallmark doesn’t blend people in their lead cast. For instance colored people are paired with colored people, and those movies contain supporting cast also more of colored people. Vice versa is also true with white people in leads and the supporting cast for them. I always wondered why they don’t mix it up. Well, that may be addressed sometime in future.

However, the reason this movie is unique is because for the very first time in history of Hallmark, they feature their very first LGBTQ+ wedding. One of the weddings that Nate and Brooke attend is a lesbian wedding between Vicky (portrayed by Carmel Amit) and Amanda (portrayed by Makayla Moore). A giant step for the channel in moving towards the way the world is moving. Perhaps this will open doors for more such movies, which we will have to wait and see. And Paul Campbell has been a strong voice in promoting this huge step to the viewers.

Forgot to add, there is a Jewish wedding also shown as part of one of the weddings. So another notch in their hat, huh!

Romance in the air, new horizons explored, friendships tested, love endured and in the end everyone goes home feeling happy and light, just like a summer breeze. In the process we get to see four weddings and seeing the transformation of strangers becoming friends to falling in love. 

A milestone movie for Hallmark with romance as usual, but adding one new note to their usual flare, and diversity with the cast and story line. A cute little movie with some very good performances, much awaited if I may say so. Enjoyed to the end!

Spoiler Alerts:

1) Movie Trivia:

a. Paul Campbell in one of the interviews mentioned that at least 50% of the background performers in wedding scenes were mannequins. I tried to find them but it was so difficult to tell who were real persons and who were mannequins. Very clever filming indeed.

2) Grammatical / Historical / Location / Character Errors:

a. When Brooke is at the painting outing with her girlfriends, it is clear that Brooke is painting with a dried brush over already painted canvas.

b. When Nate and Brooke do gift shopping for Amanda and Vicky's wedding, afterwards Nate puts it in his car. However a couple days later on the day before attending that wedding he calls Brooke asking her not to forget to get the gift. But isn't the gift with him to begin with?


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