53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #30

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

We have a beautiful Rose Garden in one of the towns close by. Millions of roses (I think!) bloom every year. It is  historical landmark here which opened in June of 1904. A beautiful place that is a feast to one's all five senses. 

In 2012 the tropical Hurricane Sandy in August followed by a historic snowstorm in October, had destroyed this beautiful garden to the point that I never thought it would come back again. However the organization that maintains the Rose Garden has since made it come back to life.

Two months ago, I visited this Rose Garden along with my friend, Sunita, and thought to take some pictures there with the roses wearing one of my sarees. Well, how else can I get to 53 and also have stories and sceneries tagged to them! ;) We were a couple weeks late, but we managed to snag pictures in front of some of the beautiful roses still remaining. 

I wore this beautiful Yellow colored Creche Chiffon with blue thread work, machine stitched all over; blue woven silk for pallu (= part of saree that gets draped over the shoulder) and border. There is silver motif work woven with the blue silk all though. I believe I bought this saree in 2005 when I went to India for my brother's wedding. This is one of my favorite sarees from my collection.

I paired it with matching blouse and accessorized with a large beads and thread necklace (a gift from a friend), large 1 gram gold earrings and color coordinated bangles on my wrists. Here I am sitting beside these beautiful pinkish red roses. 

There is a beautiful gazebo in the center of the garden that has all kinds of rose plant creepers all over it. We missed it when it was blooming, but we snagged a picture in front of it. I hope next year I will get to see it with blooms.


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