53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #28

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

I posted about Onam festival and the saree I wore for it celebrating at my dear friend's home last week. Unexpectedly this time I got invited to Onam celebrations to another friend's home on Monday, Aug 31st, as well. So got in another one of my saree too. :)

Smitha, my dear friend and hiking buddy, invited me for Onam Sadya (= feast) and participate in the festivities with her family. However, I fast on Mondays and don’t eat a meal during the day, so I went for their Dinner Sadya instead.

I picked this Grey and Gold combo artificial silk woven with silk gold threads forming a huge knee-length border all along and a striped pallu (= part of saree that falls over the shoulder) at the end. The design of the saree, I felt would be closest to the traditional Onam sarees.

This saree was a gift from my first sister-in-law, Swetha's, mom, I believe in 2018. Paired with matching blouse, I accessorized it with a necklace made of large precious stones, gold earrings and color coordinated bangles on my wrist. 

She made this beautiful flower rangoli in her foyer, along with which I am posing in the above pic.

This is the spread of Sadya we had for dinner.

And of course served in faux banana leaves to eat on. Checkout the little clay pot on the left corner that Smitha served the sweet in. Very cute, and I have a mind to buy them for myself. :P

And here is a candid shot of us and a frontal pic of us both taken by her husband. Smitha was gorgeous in her yellow black pink combo pattu (= Silk) saree as well. 

Was very glad to be part of the festivities with her. Truly blessed to have had got an opportunity to be in them twice this year. 


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