Movie Critique – Vibes

Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation: Cute little rom-com with a hint of treasure hunting and murder mystery on the side. Good enough for a TV movie with laughs, adventure, mystery and romance.

Vibes is a 1988 American rom-com adventure movie with Cyndi Lauper, Jeff Goldblum, Julian Sands and Peter Falk in the lead cast. Directed by Ken Kwapis, the plot involves two psychics in search of a missing kid.

Sylvia Pickel (portrayed by Cyndi Lauper) and Nick Deezy (portrayed by Jeff Goldblum), two psychics, are hired by Harry Buscafusco (portrayed by Peter Falk) to travel to Ecuadorian Andes to find Harry's missing kid. What follows is an adventure that goes awry at every turn, as the three bumble and stumble across the Andes, as mysteries are solved, treasures unearthed and enemies thwarted.

When this film was aired on Turner Classic Movies a few weeks ago, I was drawn towards this film not because of the plot, but because of three reasons. However, the three reasons were - Peter Falk, my favorite Columbo and I was intrigued to see how his non-Columbo movies fared out; Jeff Goldblum simply because I find him hot, charming and sexy; and finally for Cyndi Lauper since I love her songs such as Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Well, there you go and hence my review post.

This was Lauper's debut film role and yet she got top billing, perhaps because of her fame as a singer. She is pretty, and cute, and charming with her southern accent.

A very young Goldblum who still comes off as hot and charming. Although he managed to give us a few laughs as the psychic in this film. The jokes on "Stretch" or "Stretcharoo" get boring after a while though.

Peter Falk as Harry Buscafusco played his part well. It was a bit difficult to see him without his rumpled raincoat in the movie. I was expecting him to take it out from a corner and wear it back all the time. :P

Having Lauper in the film means there is bound to have a soundtrack with her songs. However the soundtrack had only background scores by James Horner. Lauper did perform a song "Hole in My Heart (All the Way to China)", which was written by Richard Orange. And it did not show on the soundtrack sadly, though it plays on the end credits.

A plethora of character artists are seen in the film whom I had seen in several of TV shows or other movies. For instance, Bruce MacVittie who plays the part of Nick's friend Tony; John Kapelos as Eugene who is Nick's colleague at the museum; Steve Buscemi as Fred, Sylvia's friend; Julian Sands as Dr. Harrison Steele.

Oh and don’t forget the eighties fashion and style that you get an eyeful. It was fun to watch and wonder how one wore those styles. Cute little rom-com with a hint of treasure hunting and murder mystery on the side. Good enough for a TV movie. It certainly failed at box office, but on TV it did give me laughs, adventure, mystery, romance and in the end a good movie. 

Spoiler Alerts:

1) Movie Trivia:

a. Jeff Goldblum and Peter Falk worked together on a 1975 episode of Columbo. I didn’t remember until I did a little research. In Season 5 Episode 2 titled A Case of Immunity, Goldblum has an uncredited role of a protestor marching with signs outside the embassy of the fictional middle eastern country. I certainly missed it so watched it online to find the clip. Goldblum is certainly in the episode although he doesn’t have any dialogues…just as one of the protestors.

b. In one of the episodes of the American TV's crime procedural drama, Bones, Cyndi Lauper portrays the role of Avalon Harmonia, as Angela Montenegro's (portrayed by Michaela Conlin) psychic. She first appears in Season 5 Episode 1 titled "Harbingers in the Fountain"; and continues to appear in the series there after on and off.

2) Grammatical / Historical / Location / Character Errors:

a. In the beginning of the film, when Burt Wilder (portrayed by Michael Lerner) is squeezing between the rocks, you can see studio lights reflected in his dark glasses.


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