53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #27

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Happy Onam to one and all who are celebrating this festival!!

People hailing from the Indian state of Kerala celebrate the festival of Onam during the months of August and September. It is a harvest festival celebrated by all Malayalis (people hailing from the state of Kerala), a 10-day event that began on August 22nd this year and ends on September 2nd. Mythologically the festival signifies the commemoration of the legendry King Mahabali, who had ruled the people fair and square and was loved by all.

This is my second time experiencing the festivities surrounding this festival. First time was when I got to go to the local Kerala Organization's event. This time I was invited by my dear friend, Preethi, to be part of the celebrations with her family.

I wore this beautiful yellow saree made of Silk Satin Chiffon with leaf motifs all over the saree overlaid with silver and gold thread and stones handstitched work. It comes with a matching blouse that is also loaded with the same thread and stone work along with leaf motifs.

I bought this during my trip to India in 2012, a good 8 years ago. The saree still shines and I love the way it flows on me.

Here I am posing with my friend's daughter Samara "Sammo" who is wearing a pink and blue combo Lehanga Blouse.

Chiffon is a sheer fabric, which is meant to be light and transparent with it's simple weaving. I paired the saree with large 1gram gold earrings with beads, a gold colored chhabhi guccha (= fancy key ring) at my waist; and color-coordinating bangles on my wrists.

The festival typically comes with Valam Kali (= boat roses), Flower Rangolis, Pulikali (tiger dances), and many other activities which finish with a spread of food Sadya (=feast). Sadya is a traditional nine or more course meal served on a banana leaf. More about the festival can be found here.

We did the traditional Flower Rangoli in my friend's backyard, lighted a lamp and had fun taking some really good pictures. The wind did not allow the lamp to stay for long, and also played with my hair a lot making my hair look a mess. He He.

We finished it off with a spread of food, Sadya, on an artificial banana leaf, since we don’t get real banana leaves here.

A wonderful day I had celebrating this beautiful festival with my friend and her family. Here is a picture of me with her in front of the lamp. 


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