53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #26

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Happy Vinayaka Chavathi to everyone celebrating the festival of Lord Ganesha, the remover of hurdles!!!

This year Ganesh Chathurthi fell on August 22nd. The festival is celebration of the arrival of Lord Ganesha to earth and into everyone's house and hearts. It is usually 10 day long event filled with festivities, prayers, offerings and lots and lots of food. More about the festival here.

For the past two years I had been celebrating this with my family. This year it has been all me, although got In my share of video calls with family to satisfy  the urge to being closer to them. 

However, for this festival I dressed up in this beautiful peacock blue and gold thread woven Kanchi Silk saree that I bought during my trip to India in 2012. It comes with two styles of blouses - a day version and a night version. The last time I wore this it was for an evening party so I wore the night blouse then. This time I wore the day blouse to suit the occasion. The design of the blouse is hand-made with beads, thread and sequins.

And this is the night blouse that came with the saree:

I accessorized with gold-colored large fashion earrings, silver with gold plated long chain and color coordinated bracelets on my hand. Here I am posed beside the small area where I did the pooja. Sadly my Ganesha was too small and got covered by all the flowers of the pooja. I should have put it on a stand before the pooja. :P

This year's festivities, even being alone, definitely made it a different than usual. Normally I have a metal Ganesha statue that I use for the pooja. However, this time I created an eco-Ganesha using Turmeric Powder and All Purpose Flour, following one of the many videos that are floating around. 

Making an eco-Ganesha is indeed an accomplishment for me. Specially how difficult my fingers have gotten since the cancer treatments that I had taken. Another of the residual side affect from those treatments had been constant cramps to fingers, hands, legs, and back. And doing things such as folding dough, cutting veggies, holding brush, writing on paper - all simple activities; yet pretty painful to do for a longer duration as the cramps catch up. However, I managed to make the little Ganesha this year despite the fear that the cramps may start any moment. I am pleased at the output in the end. :P

I also made the traditional rangoli in front of my home suitable for the occasion. However, this time I also did the elephant feet design. My mom did the past two years so I thought of continuing it. Typically it is a red circle inside a white circle, that she drew with sidewalk chalk. However I couldn’t find my stash. So I did a different spin.

I used a rangoli template for the design and hand drew the red circle with red rangoli powder, giving it a similar feel of elephant feet. This basically symbolizes that we are welcoming Lord Ganesha into our homes.

PS: You can see little feet beside these circles. They were from Janmashtami festival, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, which occurred 10 days prior to this festival. The footprints I usually do it representing little Krishna's feet coming into your home. They usually take a long time to fade.


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