53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #25

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Happy Independence Day, India!!!

Saturday, August 15th, my birth country, India celebrated it's 74th Independence Day, a day celebrating freedom from 400 years of British Raj aka British Rule. It did come with a cost to the country, which I feel one should never forget.

Freedom has come to mean a lot different in the current times we are living in. Freedom from constant fear of infection; from constant usage of sanitizer; to be able to hug a loved one; to go out and enjoy the nature without a dark shadow above your head; just to breathe free and live. It is much more than just getting freed from another country ruling you. I pray we all find true freedom sooner.

Normally the weekend of the event we do have a flag hoisting at the Capitol Building of my city. I am glad the governor of the state gives permission to do so. However, this year I did not attend the festivities. Instead celebrated at home.

For this occasion I wore this Saffron colored Marble Silk Saree with sequin and Green Banaras Brocade border with gold motifs, paired with the same Green Banaras Brocade blouse. This is again a gift from my dear friend in India who had gifted me with three sarees (two of which I already have worn and posted) over the years. This was from 2012. All the work of sequin is handmade by her. 

I accessorized it with white beads, shell & thread jewelry (long chain and hanging earrings); and Green and Blue bangles on my wrists. The idea was to bring the tricolor of the flag as well as the blue of the chakra in the center into my outfit. I think I managed it well.

Brocade is a richly decorated woven fabric with gold or silver threads and embossed motifs all through. Originated in China, this style of fabric is very common in India especially with Banarasi Sarees. For more about the fabric, go here.

Typically I make a tri-color themed dish for celebrating this day. And so did I today as well. This Tricolor Rice dish. The Saffron is represented by Carrot Rice; White is represented by Cumin (Jeera) Rice; Green is represented by Spinach Rice. Since I didn’t have any blue food color or blueberries at home (forgot to order on instacart with my last order), I plucked this blue Hydrangea from my neighborhood and stuck it in the center. Completes the dish.

Normally I do Carrot Rice, Coconut Rice and Cilantro / Coriander Rice. But this year, what with it being so different in every way, I wanted to change it up. 

Wishing everyone get freedom from this pandemic by next year and lives get back to as much normal as they can get to. 


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