53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #22

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

A month ago for the first time in three months I finally ventured out for a barbeque at a friend's. This COVID-19 Pandemic had made me so paranoid that I had not stepped out or met anyone in person except on video or just one friend who I knew also was quarantined like me. So when the BBQ idea came up, hesitating though I went since I knew the family that I was going to also were quarantining themselves really good.

I thought why not dress up too, since we aren't really going anywhere and hardly get dressed even to walk to put the trash out. Well, here you go, another saree to my meme here; and posing in front my friend's front porch.

This time I wore this White and Orange Handloom Cotton with Orange block prints of dancing tribal people, flowers and intricate design. Paired it with a matching blouse, long gold plated silver and red beads earrings; and orange-white-gold bangles on my wrists. It was so windy that day and my hair again had a mind of it's own.

This past March when I went to India for a very short visit before all the pandemic broke lose, I got an opportunity to go the Telangana Handloom Expo that was happening at the same time. That is where I saw this saree in one of the booths, I fail to remember from which part the country that particular booth was though. 

A friend of mine, Pratibha Pal, mentioned that this print is called as Warli Print, a tribal art by the tribal people from the Northern Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra, India. I am guessing the booth was by some vendors who represented these tribal art. I only wish I had taken the name and region they represented since Northern Sahyadri Range encompasses so many districts.

However, this saree was hanging on one corner of the wall and it caught my attention immediately. Loved it so much that it is now in my closet.

It was warm evening and a cool night for us to enjoy the barbecue and get some much needed in-person touch of friends. I didn’t realize how much parched I was to see someone in-person until I went there. It was a much needed break to rejuvenate one's soul.


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