Kitchen Fun - Dates Tomato Curry (Odisha Style)

In my many experiments that I do on my kitchen stove, one I have tried was how best to use pitted dates in my daily consumption of food. Earlier I tried a Dates-Walnuts Bread (Recipe link here) which was good for one time eating I suppose. Not being a super fan of dates, it is hard for me to like anything made with it. However, I need to ate some portion of dates every day for building my immune system.

Then a friend shared her recipe, Oriya Curry with Tomatoes and Dates, which seemed more appetizing for me than the bread. And I had to give it a try before I chuck it away Lo and Behold! Here is my version of the curry which surprisingly turned out very tasty. I made a few changes to the recipe to suit my palate.


1) Pitted Dates - 15, all cut to small pieces

2) Tomatoes - 2 medium sized, diced

3) Green Chillis - 1 large size

4) Ginger - 1/4 inch piece, grated fine

5) Oil for cooking as needed

6) Water for stock as needed

7) Salt to taste

8) Red Chilli Powder - as needed

9) For Seasoning: 1/4 teaspoon of Urad Daal (Split Black Lentil), Jeera / Cunim Seeds, Mustard Seeds; 3 or 4 Curry Leaves; pinch of Turmeric; pinch of Hing (Asafoetida)

10) Cilantro / Coriander Leaves as needed for garnish

Preparation Steps:

1) In a sauce pan, heat Oil. Add everything listed under Seasoning. Stir until the seeds starts sputtering.

2) Add grated Ginger and Green Chilis. Stir well.

3) Now diced Tomatoes. Cook a little.

4) Add Salt and a little Water. Stir well.

5) Cover and cook well till Tomatoes are mostly done.

6) Add the cut Dates, stir. Cook on low flame until the curry comes closer with most of the water absorbed.

7) Remove from flame. Garnish with Cilantro.

8) Serve with Rice or Roti.


1) If dates get dry, just soak them in warm water for a about 10 minutes to soften them. It gets easier to cut. You can reuse the dates soaked water as stock for the curry.

2) You can add Jaggery at the time you add Dates to the curry if you want it more on the sweeter side.

I know now that this would be a regular recipe in my home going forward. Once or twice a month so I can get my quota of Dates in as well. Do give it a try and make your spin on the recipe to create your own version. Enjoy!!


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