Book Critique: Seeing Darkness (Krewe of Hunters #30)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Yes, pick it up for a mystery involving paranormal elements, historical flair and the romantic side of the plot. 

Seeing Darkness is the thirtieth book in the long-running series, Krewe of Hunters, by Heather Graham and published in May of 2020. The primary plot is centered around Special Agent Jonathon "Jon" Wolf Dickson - from the Krewe of Hunters department in FBI - and Kylie Connelly - a curator of a museum in New York City. It is set in Salem, MA.

This forms the first book in her next trilogy in the series. Pretty much from the ninth book The Night is Watching, Heather has been releasing her books in the Krewe of Hunters series in threes, creating multiple trilogies within the series. However, we do see some characters that have been floating from the beginning of the series that started in 2011 with the very first book Phantom Evil.

Krewe is an elite FBI unit with each member of the unit honing a particular psychic talent of their own, collectively forming the paranormal investigating team. Headed by paranormal investigator Adam Harrison, they are called on to solve cases linked to historical and paranormal mystery involving legendary crime and serial killings, war events and hauntings. The Krewe are divided into four distinct groups. The first group, Krewe of Hunters, is led by Jackson Crow, the Supervising Field Director of all Krewe divisions; the second group, Texas Krewe, is led by Texas Ranger Logan Raintree; the third group, Yankee Krewe, is overseen by Jackson Crow. In he 17th book The Hidden, possibility of a fourth Krewe team in Miami, FL is explored.

Since Deadly Fate, Heather has added another element to her plots. Adam Harrison buys an old theater in Alexandria, VA and moving talented partners of his Krewe of Hunters into that theater work. So far Clara Avery, from Deadly Fate, is assigned as the artistic director of that theater. And joining her are Charlene "Charlie" Moreau, from Darkest Journey; Alexi Cromwell, from Haunted Destiny; Madison Darvil, from The Unholy; and Marnie Davante, from Fade to Black; are assigned to this theater. In this we see that Harrison has bought a museum in Virginia that need to be restored and Kylie is assigned that job. 

A supposed fun girl's weekend turns to terror for Kylie Connelly when she is shaken of visions of being killed by a prominent personality. Now Special Agent Jon Dickson of the FBI's Krewe of Hunters is worried that Kylie might be in danger. While he is still on hot pursuit of the serial killer, he vows to safeguard Kylie. But, who can imagine what goes on inside a killer's mind to anticipate their steps before the victims are claimed.

Both Jon and Kylie are shown as strong and stead personalities, complementing each other. No wonder Heather has them falling for each other pretty fast. It just surprised me that such equal characters form a good match, contrary to the saying "opposites attract". 

This plot again continues with the usual pattern of Heather's books in the series, revolving around historical inferences, somehow connecting the past to the present either by way of characters or incidents and they involve hidden tunnels be it in cemetery or old houses or mortuaries or secret passages or vaults. We get to see a new pair in every book as always.

Incidentally Heather doesn’t have the list of cast and characters of her plot in the beginning of the book which she had been doing in her books lately. What I miss most in Heather's novels are the past characters, their stories weaving with the current couple; and how those characters impact everyone around them. We mainly see stories being focused solely around the primary two protagonists and their immediate people. Rarely we see other than Jackson, Angela and some times Adam Harrison, in the stories.

I am again disappointed to see so many character placement, scene execution and grammatical errors in the plot. I wonder why Heather doesn’t have a better editor to edit her books. 

The characters are as usual fun and loving even though there is terror on every corner of the page. Again the plot is much simpler than her chilling ones in the beginning of the series. I couldn’t guess who the primary antagonist was though, and when revealed it came out as a shock. But Heather didn’t give any explanation of why this antagonist had done the killings. 

Although it still amazes me how Heather brings the history and paranormal elements together with a seamless string that makes it a phenomenal plot. She gives the readers a view into the past through artifacts, tours, researches and just plain history; giving the readers a first hand guide of any location she sets her plots in. 

A very good mingle of murder and mystery; past and present; past-regression and present-living; and above all romance and love. Although for most part a successful thriller in the series of books under Krewe of Hunters by Heather Graham, this is still an easy ready and still enjoyable.

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. People we meet: Dr. Sayers, past-life regression hypnotist; Carl Fisher, a ghost tour guide; Charles, Carl's assistant; Matt Hudson, Cindy Smith & Mariah, bartenders at The Cauldron, although Matt & Cindy are a pair; Michael Westerly, state senator of MA & his wife, Sandra; Miss Foster, Westerly's secretary; Jimmy Marion & his sons, Frank & Anthony; Mrs. Marla Martinelli, Jimmy's friend.

b. Law enforcement and supporting departments: Detective Ben Miller, local homicide detective; Dr. Custis Margolin, medical examiner; Dr. Allen; Pete Allen, a cop; Liam Decker, a cop.

c. Krewe of Hunters who pitch in: Jackson Crowe, field director; Angela Hawkins, agent in-charge; Devin Rockwell nee Lyle and Craig Rockwell whom we met in the 14th book, The Hexed.

d. Jon has a personal ghost of his own, Obadiah Jones, a Puritan who had died in jail accused of witchcraft during Salem witch trials in the 1700s.

e. Kylie's friends - Corrine Rossello, gets married to Derrick; Nancy Ryman, dating Scott; Jenny Auger. 

2. Sub Plots:

a. Some of the characters we see along that have paranormal abilities, making the reader wonder if they would come back in future:

i. Dr. Phil Kinney from the 16th book The Forgotten.

ii. Photographer, Chance Morgan, from the 20th book, Darkest Journey.

iii. Bridget Davante, Marnie's cousin and a writer for many a hit TV shows, from the 24th book, Fade to Black.

iv. Colleen Bellamy, Kody's assistant at the museum, from the 26th book Echoes of Evil.

v. Carl Brentwood, a film personality and friends with Dallas Wicker and Joe Dunhill from the 27th book The Summoning. 

vi. Jimmy Mercury, guitarist, from the 29th book, The Stalking.

b. Dakota "Kody" McCoy from the 26th book Echoes of Evil, is she related to Jude McCoy from the 18th book Haunted Destiny?

c. We also meet Detective Liam Beckett (whom we had already met in the 12th book The Cursed), his wife Kelsey Beckett, his brother David Beckett and his wife Katie O'Hara, along with a brief history from their past in Echoes of Evil. That piqued my interest and I learned that these characters are part of Bone Island Series, another series by Heather Graham. Now my mind is leaning towards that series as well. Have to see when I will pick it up and if the Krewe of Hunters characters cross-over there too.

d. From the 29th book, The Stalking, Is Cheyenne Donegal connected to Ashley Donegal from the second book Heart of Evil. Also is Christian Mayhew, one of the ghosts who haunt Cheyenne, connected to Lara Mayhew from the 15th book The Silenced, and she had her own story in the 16th book The Forgotten?

3. Grammatical / Historical / Location / Character Errors:

a. Again Jackson Crowe's position is changed to field director in this. Heather seems to be going back and forth between supervising field director to acting field director to field director, regarding his designation.

b. On Pg. 83, Line 7, shouldn’t it be "…can I do for you…"?

c. On Pg. 95, Line 11, it should be "…was already there…"

d. On Pg. 118, Line 11, it should be "…for you to hang…"

e. On Pg. 129, Line 5, shouldn’t it be "Corrine" that Kylie is talking to as opposed to "Nancy".

f. On Pg. 16, Line 17, the entire line should be rephrased. Doesn’t make a single sense at least to me.

g. Prior to the conversation happens on Pg. 172 between Kylie, Jon & other agents, no where Heather creates a scene where Kylie is aware of Marla Martinelli or Jimmy Marino, other than the fact the a man was in the car that was involved in the accident. However, she has the conversation set as if it was natural for Kylie to know who Martinelli or Marino where. Was a scene cut prior to that?

h. On Pg. 173, Line 13, it should be "…you could do it again…"

i. On Pg. 213, Line 5, it should be "…is something behind…"

j. On Pg. 133, Heather has Jimmy Marino as being in sixties, while on Pg. 213 she has him pushing seventy.

k. On Pg. 97, Heather has Corrine mentioning that for her wedding reception they have booked Trelawny House in New York City. But in the epilogue, the reception is held on a rooftop in midtown. Wonder why she changed the location?


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