Television Critique - India on Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! is by far my favorite quiz show hosted by Alex Trebek since it's revival in 1984. Created by Merv Griffin, it is a basic quiz competition with general knowledge clues presented in the form of answers, while the participants must phrase the their responses in the form of a question.

Originally debuted in 1964 on NBC as a daytime version, it went till 1975, before it became a syndicated nighttime show on NBC. The syndicated version aired from 1974 to 1975, followed by The All-New Jeopardy! Between 1978 and 1979. Originally hosted by Art Fleming and announced by Don Pardo and later by John Harlan, when the show was revived in 1984, Alex Trebek became the show's host with Johnny Gilbert as the announcer. They have both been part of the show since then.

I have been watching the show since 2001 and had been observing that there are clues related to India, my birth country on the show, almost every week, sometimes all five days of the week when the show airs. A show that runs that long on general knowledge is bound to focus on one topic at least once, but hadnt seen any category for India until 2018, unless I missed some of the episodes in the interim or if they were prior to 2001.

In 2018 I remember an entire category on Bollywood on Jeopardy! And was pretty pleased. Unfortunately I forgot to capture the questions from that show. That was the first time I saw an entire category dedicated to something from India. Recently in February, Jeopardy! included another category dedicated to something from India. This time it was titled "Let's Speak Hindi!.

For someone who has been from that country, pretty much all questions were easy to answer. Although one clue was not revealed as time ran out for that session. I presume that clue since then has been recycled into clues part of other categories.

Thoroughly enjoyed this episode with one category focused on my birth country.


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