53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #20

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Happy Birthday, U. S. of A.!

Fourth of July celebrates the Independence Day by my adopted country, U.S. of A. Typically it would have been a fun-filled weekend, with either out of town trips or visiting local hangout spots, spending time with friends for a cookout, ending with watching fireworks in the night and also lighting a few in our own homes. This year it had been a weekend filled with hiking, staying indoors and watching movies on Hallmark for me. 

I still wanted to create the spirit of Independence Day in my home itself, even if I was the only one bringing in the cheer. Inspired by one of cousin, Vinni, I tried to create a backdrop with stuff I had at home. Only thing I bought were the fireworks. Oh! Well, I will use them for Diwali if this pandemic ends by then. :)

I wore a Red Georgette Saree with beads, thread and zari work hand-made; paired with a silver colored ready to wear blouse. Accessorized with read and blue beads and metal long chain and earrings, and blue and gold bracelets on my wrists.

This is again a 12 year old saree that my friend gifted me when I had been visiting India then. All the work on the saree is done by her hand. Unfortunately the blouse doesn’t fit me anymore, else you would have seen beautiful work on all over the blouse too. This is the same friend who gave me the Robin Blue saree that I wore for Father's Day special.

All in all I think I pulled off the Red, White and Blue effect!!!


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