53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #18

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Happy Father's Day, Nanna!!!

Just like how I did for Mother's Day, I thought I would wear something in the color of my dad's favorite for this Father's Day. This is a Robin Blue Georgette saree with matching blouse; Blue being my father's favorite color.

I tried to recreate my dad's picture from a family photo shoot in 2016. The photographer who took my dad's picture is an expert. I was using the remote clicker so my photo is much farther than my dad's. Also Dad's was taken when my book shelves were in the entry room long before my library was finished in the basement. 

The saree I am wearing had been a gift by my childhood friend some 6 years ago. The entire bead, sequin and thread work that is seen all through the saree and blouse is done by her; hand stitched. I would not personally have bought this color if I was shopping cause I presumed that this color would make me look darker. However, my dear friend thought it actually would make me look better. And she was right!! The color flatters me better than I thought it would.

I accessorized it with a pearls and gold long chain, large yellow metal earrings and multi-colored bangles on my wrists. Although you cannot see them, I always wear silver anklets for any Indian outfit. And they were there on my ankles too.

I think I managed to recreate dad's picture as close to what I could. One way to celebrate this day, when I cannot go to him nor he can come here due to the pandemic chaos. Hoping to celebrate next year with all the family in-person.


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