53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #17

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

June 15th is a special day in our home. The youngest of my siblings, Sudheer, and oldest of my nephews, Srithan, share their birthdays on this day. It's a double feature event. Normally I would have flown to CA to my brother's home where we all would have met, both siblings and their families and celebrated their birthdays. This year COVID-19 has changed all the plans. And we moved the venue to a virtual room instead.

Srithan turned 10, the first decade of his life completed, entering into a new decade; a milestone in life achieved. To celebrate his birthday, his immediate cousins from both his mom and dad side joined on Zoom. We cut a cake for him - his mom, Swetha, made a chocolate cake and I made a cake too which I cut from my home on his behalf. His cousins and grand parents on both sides along with aunts and uncles joined to make his day special.

To make this day extra special, I had asked him what color he wants me to dress up in. Since his birthday shirt was orange (as you can see in the picture above), he wanted me to wear Orange too. So, for his birthday I draped my self in this Orange and Grey mixed Chiffon and Cotton machine milled saree.

The saree has printed grey lines and leaf imprints all through with a large border of burnished orange and red lines and golden zari weaved in on top and bottom edges of the saree. The pallu (= the ending of the saree that goes over the shoulder and flows behind) continues from the grey of the body of the saree into orange and red lines with zari weaving and huge print of leaves towards the end. 

I paired it with a beads and thread woven necklace, amber earrings, and matching bangles on both of my wrists. The saree was a gift from Srithan's mom a good five years ago, and the necklace is a gift from another friend. The saree is so soft and comfortable that I never felt it hindering with my work considering I don’t wear saree as often as many people in India wear. 

I thought it would be fun to pose with the red lantern I have on my deck. :P Another fun day during the quarantine and another saree for my album has been a success.


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