53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #16

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

One of my good friends is going to have a baby soon. Normally we would have had a full-fledged Baby Shower for her. However, with the quarantine situation we had until recently, we did a virtual baby shower for her last month. All of us friends used Webex to be present on line. We decorated around us to welcome to new born, played online games, toasted with beverage of our choice, and made her day special as well as made the baby feel loved.

With no one going to visit, no support from parents coming to them due to travel restrictions, I cant even imagine how she and her family were feeling. I do hope this little virtual shower pleased them all. It was fun to see all friends online at least, spend a few hours talking, catching up too.

Of course, we all dressed up to the event with colors of her choice. I wore this blue colored Khadi silk with burnished gold pallu and border. All along the saree there embroidered kutch work hand-stitched into the saree.

Khadi is usually made by spinning cotton or silk on spinning wheels called chakras. After independence, the rave of Khadi had reduced in India. However past couple decades, it has come back as this luxurious fabric that can be draped into beautiful sarees. Once it was a symbol of fighting for freedom, now it has become one of the expensive silk that is easy to wear. Although it need to be dry-cleaned. 

Kutch embroidery on the saree is handcrafted and originally from Kutch district in the state of Gujarat, India. It usually has rich designs depicting traditions, history and culture. You can find more about it here.

I paired the saree with a bluish-green ready to wear embroidered blouse, since the original blouse wasn’t fitting me anymore. I accessorized it with a gold short chain and earrings, finishing it off with matching bangles on my wrists. 

Again this picture has been taken before I had my remote clicker for my camera. So the focus is little off, yet it was fun to pose and capture the memory of a beautiful event forever.


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