53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #15

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

In early May of this year, we had a minor Indian festival, Vasavi Jayanthi, that is followed by one sect of the community to which I belong to. The local chapter of that community organized a virtual pooja (= ritual) to which we all were invited to watch online while the brahmin (= priest) performed it at the temple. One request that the chapter lead made was for all of us to be dressed up, just like how we would if we were here at the event in-person, since we all were on zoom. 

And I got another opportunity to wear one of my beautiful sarees. This time I wore this parrot green Kanchi Pattu (= Silk) with golden yellow thread and zari weavings, mango shaped zari motifs etched all through the saree, and heavy pallu with the dominant golden yellow shades. 

Typically Kanchi Silk sarees are weaved by the weavers from the state of Tamilnadu and City of Dharmavaram in the state of Andhra, in India. As they typically go, they are primarily hand-woven with wide borders of varied kinds. Despite the heavy work, the sarees are surprisingly very very light. And even this was so light it felt like feathers draping me. 

I had originally worn this for my house warming ceremony four years ago when I bought my town home. It actually comes with a beautiful blouse of same parrot green shade heavily embroidered with thread and beads. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit me now. Oh well, may be another 5 lbs or so if I reduce it will. I didn’t want to spoil the art work on the blouse by altering it, so paired the saree with a ready-to-use blouse of golden yellow color.

I accessorized the outfit with large green and pearl artificial earrings, a large stone pendant necklace and matching bangles on my wrists. I didn’t have my auto clicker for my camera by then, so it was a self-portrait that I took on my camera using the timer. Clearly you can see the focus was on my saree rather than my face! :P

Another drapes for my collection that as always enjoyed it wearing and posing for. :)


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