Book Critique - A Lethal Legacy (New York Confidential #4)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Cop Drama Series mixed with Psychology, Romance, Irish History, Family Matters and of course the crazy killers - all elements perfect for a Heather Graham mystery with the infamous law & order type theme.

A Lethal Legacy is the fourth book in the New York Confidential series by Heather Graham published in March of 2019. The series revolves around the Finnegan family, specially Kieran Finnegan, a psychologist working with law enforcement as needed, and her fiancee FBI Special Agent Craig Frasier who work together to solve some gruesome crimes.

When Finn Douglas calls on his cousin in FBI, Agent Craig Fraiser to help him with the investigation of the death of his closest friend Frank Landon, neither Craig nor Kieran, who accompanies him, realize that this time they would be doing historical journey as far back as the time of Moses.

Heather takes the readers on a road that goes back to the time when Moses was walking on the earth to the Knights Templar to heists and loots to murder and treachery. She gives us a lot of history from the past, but it keeps getting repeated by various sets of characters as the scenes progress. 

Kieran and Craig form the perfect pair while they are investigating or while being there for each other or while supporting their respective families. The depth the plot takes the reader into the history is amazing, and at the same time reveals the human mind's fanaticism in a well-rounded plot.

A book in a series usually has characters and story-lines floating, so naturally we do see the same happening here - references to past cases that Craig and Kieran had worked together, crimes and scenes from past books, supporting characters as well the primary characters. That is good for readers, but sometimes that causes repeat para-phrasing as over and over scenes and situations are mentioned.

Although Heather mentions a few cases that Craig solved that were not part of her novels at all. Considering the books are set years apart, one has to guess that Craig and Kieran solve more cases than Heather has written plots for them. 

But one particular case keeps on getting mentioned at several instances. A case that Craig and Kieran were involved in the recent past, which included another one of Craig's cousin, Harley Frasier, and that dealt with museums and antiquities. I wonder if that was part of a book that was supposed to be published before this book, and instead this book got published sooner. 

However, when I did a little research, I found that Heather Graham has another mini-series going on the side titled The Finnegan Connection Series. And the second book in that series titled Shadows In The Night published in November of 2017 has the lead character Harley Frasier. I wonder now if this is the book and case that Heather is referring to, and if the books in this series cross-over with books in the New York Confidential series. 

Up until the previous book I was expecting Heather to spin a parallel plot for Danny and Julie Benton whom we had met in the very first case Flawless. But it is clear in this plot that Danny is not involved with her anymore. SO that sub-plot fizzled away.

As most of Heather's plots go, I suspected at least a couple of antagonists towards the middle of the plot. It wasn’t that hard to find them or the motive. Heather though went really deep into history with her tale, she kept the mystery part really simple and straight forward laying out the crumbs for us to follow it easily. 

However, I would say that she really needs to get her books edited good. The amount of mistakes I keep finding are enormous. Unless there is a different explanation that she can give, I would still consider them under mistakes.

Despite the alarmingly increasing length of mistakes, Heather spins a fantastic murder mystery taking readers into the deeper trenches of history as well darker grooves of caves, all the while weaving a fine thread of love, family and togetherness. With surprise after surprise at every turn she kept the readers glued to the book. 

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. Key characters of the plot on Douglas Island: Finn Douglas is Craig's cousin; has a girl friend Elayne Anderson; Frank Landon's fiancee is Margie Appleby; Evie Summers, house keeper; Victor Eider, the groundskeeper.

b. Law Enforcement and others that Craig and Kieran work with: NTD Detective Teddy Brice; Medical Examiner Dr. Griffin Hodges; FBI Special Agent Bracken Silverheels; John Smith, publishes a paper on Douglas Island; Annie Green, John's assistant; Jay Harding, head of a group of alien believers; Jenny Stratton, daughter of a dead mob, & her husband Roald; Other Members of the Believers Group - Grace and Nick Tanaka, Ben Garcia, Rudy and Judy Stein, Dallas Berne and Valentina Tischenko, Priscilla and Ells Chapman.

2. Sub-Plots:

a. Finnegan's Irish Pub is co-owned by four siblings - Declan, Kevin, Kieran and Daniel "Danny".  However, Declan kind of runs the show, engaged to be married to Mary Kathleen O'Shaunnessy. Kevin and Kieran are twins, while Danny is the youngest of them, works as a tour director too. Kevin is an actor.

b.  Mike Dalton is Craig Frasier's partner. Richard Eagan is their assistant director. Marty Kim is their go to tech guy at the bureau. 

c. Dr. Allison Miro and Dr. Bentley Fuller are the two psychiatrists, in whose office Kieran Finnegan, also works as a psychologist. Together they aid NYPD and FBI in profiling the criminals.

d. Kieran Finnegan's apartment is above a Japanese restaurant and karaoke bar. Every time Heather spins a scene around the Karoake Bar, we get to hear patrons singing on to some pretty good hit songs. Kieran had done a karaoke attempt in the previous book, A Dangerous Game. But in this book, Kieran and Craig move to Craig's apartment in the end. So we will not see anymore of the karaoke bar and the adventures there I guess.

e. Margie swoons over Richard Egan in a scene and Kieran muses that it looks like a scene out of the film A Streetcar Named Desire. I have heard about this movie so much. It is about time I watch it. 

3. Grammatical / Historical / Location / Character Errors:

a. On Pg. 40, Line 10, shouldn’t it be "…that beautiful people…"

b. On Pg. 47, Heather gives Danny's occupation as a tour director. But On Pg. 101, she again gives his occupation as a tour guide. So which is it?

c. On Pg. 63, Heather mis-enters "Finn" on Line 4 instead of "Craig".

d. On Pg. 75, Heather introduces Victor Eider as the groundskeeper. But on Pg. 117, she introduces him as Finn's assistant or a glorified handyman. So what is his role on Douglas Island truly?

e. On Pg. 142, the conversation is penned between Danny and Kieran. However on Line 15, Heather makes that line sound like Kieran is having a conversation with Craig or someone else but not Danny. She clearly wrote this entire paragraph wrongly. 

f. On Pg. 162, Heather has her character Bracken say that he would be calling his boss after everyone are out of the caves. However, in the very next page 163, she shows us that Bracken has already called his boss, and then the entire group walk out of the caves. A total scene error here. 

g. On Pg. 166, Line 3 from bottom, shouldn’t it be "…plan of mine…"

h. On Pg. 168, in the beginning of that page, Heather has Kieran and Danny plan to meet in Kieran's room. But then immediately after on the same page, she Kieran and Danny meet in Danny's room. Was that really a mistake on part of Heather? Or was she having the characters mis-lead others by giving our false plans?

i. During their cave ventures Craig, Mike, Danny, Bracken and Kieran find writings on the wall in Chapter 7 and on stone tablet in Chapter 8. And on Pg. 197, Heather had Egan mention in the beginning of the page regarding writings on the wall and stone tablet. But in the very same page, after Egan explains about the writings of the wall, she has Craig ask about writings of the wall at the entrance of the cave. But they found a stone tablet there not writings. Another error in the scene creation?

j. On Pg. 200, Heather has Jay introduce the group of Believers to Kieran and Danny. And there was no mention of anyone by name Sydney. However we see references of person named Sydney being in the group in pages 201 and 202. It also seems that Sydney was a male on Pg. 201, while a female on Pg. 202.

k. On Pg. 200, Dallas was introduced with his girl friend Valentina. But on Pg. 202, it seemed that that name changed to Sydney. And then it changes back to Valenina on Pg. 204.

l. On Pg. 319, Line 10, it should be "…could hear voices…"


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