53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #9

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

#ChallengeAccepted #24hrs

I have been tagged by my friends Shashi, Pratibha, Kristi, Sravani and Sunita to post a picture of me, be it in traditional wear or casual. I am taking this opportunity to include my next picture in the 53 Week Saree Meme as part of this challenge. Thank you for tagging me ladies.

This one again is from my trip in India between Feb 27 and Mar 10. For a lunch gathering at one of the extended families home, I wore this beautiful Kerala Silk saree decked with fine thread work done by hand. Again I borrowed the saree from my mom for the event. I paired it with a golden color crop-top small gold beads necklace and earrings; and obviously finishing it off with green colored bangles borrowed from mom. 

The balcony of the home I went to had this cute swing hung from he roof. I always wanted to have one such kind inside my home too. However I am a second owner to my home, so I could not add hooks to the roof that would hold the swing. So I ended up buying a standing swing that I enjoy thoroughly every day. Anyways, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the swing at my cousin's home too.

Always fun wearing the colorful drapes. I have only one more picture of me with a saree that I can post. Unfortunately the quarantine we are in isnt putting me in a mood to wear them. May be I will do, who knows. :)


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