53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #8

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

I was in India for a very short time between Feb 27 and Mar 10 to visit my family. I hadn't been to India in 5 years so this was a huge trip for me. During the time I was there I got to meet a lot of family and friends and had quite a few gatherings.

To one such gathering I wore this pale blue organza saree that had self print all through the material. Organza is a thin sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. But most modern sarees have the material made from nylon or polyester. I paired it with a dark blue crop top, sea-green stones jewelry and sea green bangles interlaced with gold bangles.

This saree is approximately 20 years old so I really didn’t have the blouse that came with it nor the inner lehanga. I had taken it back home to see if I can find a blouse to pair it with or better yet leave it there so mom may have a better use for it. 

Day before this gathering I found crop tops at a friend's store and immediately snagged them that would go with sarees that I had. One came in handy for this one. It was super fun to wear this pleasant color for a hot afternoon event with friends and family.


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