The Great Night Circle: March 2020 - Snow Moon (Full Moon #3)

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13 Full Moons, including 2 Super Moons, and 2 Full Moons in one month, the second full moon being the Rare Halloween Blue Moon: That’s what we get to see in the night sky this leap year which starts a new decade. A treat to all those stargazers! Here continues my amateur photography of this gorgeous orb of light.

The third Full Moon of this year is the Worm Moon and incidentally the first Super Moon of the year as well. Worm Moon asks us to separate grain from chaff in our lives to bring everything to order. 

The Festival of Colors, Holi, usually falls on the day of March Full Moon Day. The evening before the festival, traditionally burn a pile of wood signifying the burning of demon Holika. Hence called as Holika Dahan (= Burning of Holika) or Kamudu in Telugu (My native language in India). 

The day of Holi people play with dry and wet colors. Typically everyone wears white or cream colored clothing to reflect the colors better. The festival concludes with a huge feast and dancing that takes it into the night. More on Holi here.

I had not been in India in 20 years during this festival season. In US, we hardly get to celebrate this festival for various reasons, but primarily being it falls in March which is very cold season where I live. Although in past 20 years since I have come to US, I got to celebrate it thrice - once on the day of the festival itself in March of 2011 with a friend and her family;

Second time as a Color Run in May of 2012 which I a thinking of doing again this year;

And third time in May of 2016 when the event was arranged during warmer days in, a good two months after the actual festival.

I was in India for a very short period of time during this Super Moon / Holi Time. So I was really looking forward to celebrating it this year when I had planned for the short trip. However, the Corona Virus had removed the fun out of Holi and we self-quarantined ourselves indoors without any colors. May be next year I will go again and make up for it.


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