53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #7

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Week 7 takes me back to 2019 again. We had a small gathering of six families to celebrate Diwali in November of 2019. 

To that party I wore this traditional Kerala (= a South Indian State) saree called Kasavu in native language. It is a handwoven cream colored saree with gold border. This handloom designed fabric sometimes comes with motifs or light threadwork etched in. The borders are usually soaked in gold color to give the richness to the material. A formal attire for many Malayalee (= people from Kerala) women, it's history traces back to Buddhist Era. More about this saree here.

My very dear friend, Preethi, got this for me from India in 2018, but I never got around to wear it until now. I wore it along with a multi-colored thread work blouse. The beauty of this saree is that you can wear any colored blouse and still it will look unique and beautiful on the one who wears it.

I accessorized it with a small necklace made of precious stones, large gold and pearl earrings, assorted colored bangles on my wrist and finally finished it off with a small hand-made purse. 

In fact, all of us ladies decided to wear sarees. And it was pure fun to see everyone draped in wonderful colors. We also had fireworks. Despite the cold, everyone ventured out to light the fireworks and enjoy the sizzle and sparks. 

My parents were with me this time, so it was extra special for me. As always, it is a pleasure to celebrate any festival, Indian or Western, and deck myself for a photo op, anywhere anytime. :)

PS: Oh I have no idea why my hair wasnt staying right. It just went through a wind tunnel perhaps. :P


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