53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #5

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Week 5 again takes me back to one of these drapes that I wore in 2019. 

A client I worked for a few years ago has this huge Diwali celebration at work where everyone in the company comes together to some much enjoyable music, dance, food and celebration of this wonderful festival of lights. This year, courtesy of a very very good friend of mine, I got invited as a guest.  Since my friend was co-chairing it, It was no surprising that the event took on a whole no form and was bigger than what I remember. It was an honor to share her success.

For the event, I wore this cream and black designer saree made of Jute Tussar Silk with soft Zari border with checks, that I borrowed from my mother. Tussar Silk also known as Kosa Silk is a very fine thread from a winged moth, Antheraea Paphia. Although the origin is still unknown, this silk is widely made in various parts of India. For this type of material that my saree was weaved it, the Tussar Silk is weaved in with Jute fibers giving the light golden sheen to the cloth. Also the blend makes the material soft to touch.

I paired this beautiful drape with a light cream soft silk blouse in-laid with gold circular motifs. Since I had put on over 40 lbs of weight since the ordeal I went through in past couple years, none of my current blouses were fitting. My mom brought this cloth for the blouse so I could have someone stitch it for me here. Luckily I found a visiting aunt of someone in the community and got this stitched. Else I perhaps would have had to wear one of the same blouses you have all been seeing in the pictures so far. Glad to find that visiting aunt.

I accessorized the look with large gold and black pearl earrings (artificial) and a medium length chain made of onyx orbs and silver with gold plated pendant. Although the picture doesn’t show, I did add cream, gold and black combo bangles to both of my wrists. 

I loved being at the event, part of the celebration and share my friend's success; along with getting a chance to meet quite a few of colleagues and friends from when I was working there. Indeed a memorable day.


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