Kitchen Fun - Pepper Mint Martini

In my next experiments in my kitchen, I moved to drinks. In the next book that I have of Joanne Fluke in Hannah Swensen's series is the novella Candy Cane Murder which has Joanne's novella titled the same. 

In the mini novella she wrote, she packed a sum of 12 recipes in it. Of all of them mentioned, I picked up this drink as it sounded really interesting. Oh boy, how wrong I was. Who would have thought pepper vodka and crème d'menthe would actually make a delicious drink. 

Either I was really really way off, or I must have not got the right pepper vodka. However, I must say, sorry, Joanne, this drink had not been my cup of tea, err…glass of drink I mean. I should have perhaps tried the Peppermint Martini instead (notice the space between Pepper and Mint in the recipe I tried).

Anyways, here is what the end result looked like. 


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