53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #4

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Week 4 takes me back to one of these drapes that I wore in 2019. 

As I mentioned earlier, Dusshera, is one of the biggest festivals in India and each region celebrates it 9 or 10 days in their unique way. The region I come from, Telangana, begins Dusshera with Bathukamma (= Mother Goddess come alive). Traditionally this is celebrated with decorated towers of flowers and medicinally infused leaves, that are placed in the center of a circle formed by women decked up in colorful attires. They dance around to the tunes of beautiful songs and end it with leaving the flowered towers into a pool of water. 

This is one of the favorite festival for my mom. She loves to make little stacks of flowers, gather them around with what her friends and sisters make, then together dance around to songs. Then they conclude usually with festival food. And the same thing repeats the following day in either one of her friend's or sister's homes. In 2019 my parents were visiting me around the time of this festival and she was missing celebrating it.

Luckily one of the local Indian community that belongs to the same region I come from, had a Bathukamma event one of the weekends during the 10 day festival season. I was super thrilled to take here there. Although we didn’t make the flower stacks, but we got decked up for the event and spent a lot of time meeting friends, dancing, enjoying the delicacies and having pure fun.

For this event, I wore this Green, Yellow and Orange Kanchi Pattu (= Silk) Saree which is weaved in a Half-Saree model. These silk sarees are typically from Kanchipuram, a town in the state of Tamil Nadu. However I believe the weavers with this kind of specialty are spread far and wide across south India lately. The half-saree model puts the green and yellow checkered weaving in the pleats and rest of the saree weaved in orange with gold and silver zari border inlaid with gold motifs or bootas, ending with a very rich pallu. Accessorizing it with bangles matching the colors of the saree, a long gold chain and pair of gold earrings completed the look.

I haven't had an opportunity to celebrated Bathukamma since I have come to US in 2001, except for once. It has been a long time for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it with my mom and dad by my side. Perhaps one year I might go visit my family in India during the time of the festival so I can enjoy every single day of it instead of just one day of a weekend.

Oh before I forget, here is a picture of the pretty stacks of flowers that were made by some of the guests who came to the event, with my mom.


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