Kitchen Fun - Hannah's Bananas and Hole In One

On to my next cooking experiments, in this case, baking also included. The next Hannah Swensen's book by Joanne Fluke that I read was the Fudge Cupcake Murder. Another cozy mystery filled with sweet treats to appease your stomach while they tingle your grey cells with the murder mystery to solve. This time around, again, I tried one of her sweet treats and a savory dish,

First up, Hannah's Bananas. Contrary to my previous entry in which I had picked the recipe that went with the title of the book (Blueberry Muffin Murder), this time instead of trying the Fudge Cupcakes, I picked a different one.

One most important reason being that my first attempt at making cookies, I want them at least decently edible enough. Secondly Bananas are my go to fruit at home, so I ended up picking this recipe instead of shopping for newer ingredients.

I followed all the steps Joanne had mentioned in her recipe which you can find here. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures as I was baking. However, here is the final product.

I made two versions - one without rolling the dough in sugar (blonde colored cookies) and the other with rolling dough in sugar (the darker brown ones). I felt that the second version were very sweet. Although a friend mentioned that I could have gone a little less on baking soda. Perhaps the "teaspoon" what Joanne wanted us to use perhaps was different from what I have. Anyways, lessons-learned, "reduce Baking Soda". Check! Not bad for a first try.

Next up, Hole in One. Joanne shared a savory recipe as well, called Hole in One. Although I used her recipe that she mentioned in here, I remember trying this a year or so ago using a different recipe, when I was looking for more ways to eat eggs. Since I had already done this, it wasn’t that hard to repeat the dish with slight variation in the recipe.

Here is how it looks when it is beginning to cook.

And now the finished product.

I hope you all are also feeling the urge to get up and try your baking and cooking skills, looking at my results. If you do, just have fun and enjoy the outcomes.


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