Book Critique: Primary Suspect (Callahan Confidential #5)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: A decent cozy mystery with shades of faith, romance and danger, and a fast read. Definite pick for those who want simple plots and on the go reads.

Primary Suspect is the fifth book in the Callahan Confidential Series by Laura Scott written for the Love Inspired Suspense line by Harlequin Books, published in May of 2018. The primary plot revolves around Mitch Callahan - a fire investigator - and Dana Petrie - a widowed ER nurse; set in and around Milwaukee, WI

A few months ago, when I was shopping at Barnes & Noble, at the checkout counter, the clerk mentioned that they are giving away a free book when you buy fiction books. Since my books that I bought were all fictional, I was entitled for the free book as well. This was the book that I got then. A sweet surprise. And now here's my review of the same.

Mitch Callahan, a fire investigator, is attacked at a scene of fire, and left with a dead body. Knowing that he was being framed for murder, he goes on the run. Inadvertently he ends up tagging Dana Petrie along his side, more for her safety. Now Mitch and Dana, both are on the run from the law, and trying to figure out who was framing Mitch and why their lives have suddenly become so dangerous.

Being a Harlequin book, I didn’t expect it to be anything other than cozy. And the author hadn't disappointed me in that. It is truly a cozy mystery with shades of love, faith and to a degree danger. But what surprised me was how many times Laura had her character Mitch repeating and apologizing. It got pretty soon redundant.

The author being from Milwaukee, WI, it is no surprise that her series and this book centered in and around Milwaukee, WI. Since I had spent a few years of my life there, I could relate to the places she was taking us through the plot. Always love to read a book that is set in places either you have lived at or visited.

Obviously this book being part of a bigger series, we definitely get to meet all the key characters from previous books and some who might get their own stories if the series continues. And get hints of their stories.

Laura pens a very straight forward murder mystery, with no unexpected turns, but does put the hero and heroine through the wringer with the dangerous situations she sets for them. A lot of religious faith is shown by the author, which put me this book closer to Amish fiction books.

As much as I loved reading this cozy mystery and tempted to get the rest of the books to read, this time I am drawing a line on that. May be some time down the lane I might pick this series, but for now this one book is enough.

A decent cozy mystery with shades of religious faith, romance and danger, and a fast read. Definite pick for those who want simple plots, easy reads or for someone who is looking for a quick read during a flight or train journey.

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. Dana Petrie's husband Kent Petrie, was a rookie firefighter, who had lost his life on the job. Mitch had tried to save him, but he had failed.

b. Mitch and Dana's first stop along their escape is renting a room at The American Lodge hotel. Author Laura alludes to the fact that Matt had recently paid for damages he had caused a few months ago. Perhaps Matt's story would cover this.

c. Matt's friend, Hawk Jacobson, has a cabin that Mitch and Dana use at one point during their days of escaping, and while investigating. The way Hawk was mentioned by the author in the book, I have a distinct feeling that he would surface again soon. 

2. Sub Plots:

a. The Callahan family includes:

i. Father, Max Callahan, who was the Chief of Police, when he was killed in the line of duty. Mitch has been re-investigating his father's murder. 

ii. Mother, Margaret Callahan and Grandmother, Nan.

iii. Callahan Siblings:

1) Marc Callahan, the oldest brother, an FBI agent, married to Kari; has two kids Max and baby Maggie.

2) Miles Callahan, second brother, a homicide detective, married to Paige; has two kids Abby and new born Adam.

3) Mitch Callahan, third brother, a fire investigator.

4) Mike Callahan, fourth brother, a private investigator with his own business

5) Matthew "Matt" Callahan, a K-9 Officer, married to Lacy; adopted son Rory; his canine partner Duchess

6) Madeline "Maddy" Callahan, an assistant district attorney; married to Noah Sinclair, an officer on the force and ex-partner to Matt Callahan

iv. Matt and Madeline are twins.

3. Grammatical / Historical / Location / Character Errors:

a. On Pg. 197, Line 11, it should be "…Was Miles still listening…"


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