Book Critique: Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss Series #4)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation:  Fantasy romance that brings the glitzy world of fame and the ordinary pleasures a perfect mate can give, along with the darker undersides of both worlds. Easy read for those sunny warm days, or cuddly cool days.

Rock Wedding is the fourth and final book in the Rock Kiss Series by Nalini Singh published in July of 2016. The central plot revolves around Abraham "Abe" Bellamy - the keyboardist for the Schoolboy Choir Band - and Sarah Smith - his ex-wife.

The series revolves around the four members of the Schoolboy Choir rock band who met as school mates but form a family within themselves with music. Readers will share their personal and professional lives, their hard pasts making them the media's best bad wolves; and the leading ladies who capture the eyes of these bad wolves and like to get tamed; above all a sense of strong family, strength and support in every walk of life.

In Rock Redemption, we see that Sarah Smith, Abraham "Abe" Bellamy's ex-wife (the guitarist of the Schoolboy Choir Band) is physically hurt by her fiancée Jeremy Vance from whom the members of the band and their better halves rescue her and give her shelter. Just as expected, Nalini begins her plot in this book two weeks after that incident focusing on Abe and Sarah.

Two years ago, Abe had viciously discarded his wife and thrown away his marriage, that lead Sarah to go on a very high profile divorce battle. With his substance abuse issues and emotional past, Abe had lost what was the best thing happened to him, realized a little too late. Yet, he wants Sarah back in his life. However, does Sarah want Abe in her life? Is she ready to go through the ringer again so they both can come out high and happy?

The final plot in the series was more sedate with no sudden hiccups or turns for the characters, giving it a feel good movie kind-a vibe. Even though I expected the other shoe to drop it never came, and instead Nalini gives us a very happy and rosy path through out. And she gave cute little weddings for all the members for us to cry along, be happy and figuratively participate in those weddings.

Nalini has the Schoolboy Choir Band call themselves as Blood Brothers that reminded me of Nora Roberts Sign of Seven Trilogy - my all time favorite series by Nora. Although the reason behind why Nalini's characters call themselves as thus is very different from why Nora's characters call them so. Come to think of it, I don’t think I wrote a review of this series by Nora, but I had read it several times. 

She also has Charlotte "Charlie" Baird and Molly Webster call themselves as Sisters of the Heart, that reminded of Christine Feehan's Sisters of the Heart series, a Drake Sisters spin-off. And both authors have come with the same reason as to why two friends call themselves Sisters of the Heart. 

Considering this plot starts two weeks after the Zenith festival that Nalini highlights in Rock Redemption; and that the plot for Rock Redemption goes beyond the Zenith festival, we see a few sub-plots overlapping - same situations told in different point of views. A similarity that Nalini used in Rock Hard as well as; that was set in parallel to Rock Addiction and many situations were told in both the books with different point of views.

Nalini mentions the song "Sparrow" written by Noah St. John in both the books - Rock Redemption and in here - and the emotional senses that she evokes with those scenes, I would have love to have a real song written and played, for real. Sparrow did touch a cord in my heart, even though we don’t really hear the song or lyrics or music in the book. 

Being this the last book in the series, Nalini kind of gave it a finale feeling by bringing all the main characters from all the books together in several scenes. Yet, my mind craved more for Noah and Kit along the way. Yes, they are not primary characters, but still I looked for Noah and Kit everywhere. **Sigh**

Nalini splits the book again in parts - Part I gives us the history behind Abe and Sarah's very high profile divorce; Part II shows us Abe struggle with his conscious; Part III takes us through a wedding; Part IV takes us through the hesitant courting dancing steps of Abe and Sarah; and finally Part V gives finale to a lot of pieces from the series.

Nalini has a few scenes that she doesn’t elaborate much, but I would have wished she had added them. I have a feeling that they could add more to the plot than rather make it boring or redundant. The part I like most about Nalini's books are the various traditions and customs she squeezes in to her plots making them more than just some romantic love story. 

Nalini still doesn’t give the name of David's second brother. But she does hint at plausible love stories between Thea's sisters and David's brothers. May be Nalini will bring back them in a different series spinning-off from this series. I remember Nora Roberts had done something similar with her McGregor series. In the beginning she just had the McGregor siblings stories told, but later she has a spin-off where she goes back into history to the parent McGregor's story as well as to more distant past into their ancestors, as well as she has the next generation of McGregor's in the subsequent books with their own love stories. Will Nalini do something similar? Perhaps? Hopefully?

We see a bit of repeat paraphrasing. Yet, it has been a pleasure and easy read, sad that the series has ended. Perhaps her future books might have some cross-overs that would please the readers again. Until then, these books have been those that would remove your daily troubles from mind and take you into a land of romance, love, friendship and family.

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. Abe's family includes - his mother Diane Bellamy, his dead sister Tessie, his dead father Gregory Bellamy. 

b. Sarah's friends and family includes - Lola her best friend.

c. The pool that Kit demands to have dug out for her by Noah is finished in this plot. And the band members all have a pool-warming party to which Gabriel and Charlie also attend. 

d. Nalini has a hot pink Ferrari with diamantes and pink fur on the foot pedals in the driveway of Noah and Kit's home. I wonder whose it belongs to. Nalini doesn’t explore that further in the plot although she does indicate that she has two new stories on her website that will give the readers more insight into the pink Ferrari and other little inconsequential scenes she has given us all through this plot.  Time to read those newsletters then.

2. Sub Plots:

a. Members of the Schoolboy Choir Band:

i. Zachary Fox - lead singer. Gets married to Molly Webster in this plot. Story told in Rock Addiction

ii. David Rivera - the drummer. Gets married to Thea Arsana, their publicist in this plot. Story told in Rock Courtship. The confusion if they were married or not that Nalini created in Rock Redemption, cleared it in here by giving them a chapter filled with their wedding. 

iii. Noah St. John - the guitarist. Gets married to Kathleen "Kit" Devingy at the end of this plot. Story told in Rock Redemption.

iv. Abraham "Abe" Joshua Bellamy - the keyboardist. Gets remarried to his ex-wife, Sarah Bellamy, at the end of the plot. They have a son, Theodore "Theo" Gregory Bellamy. 

b. Extended Friends and Family of the Band and their better halves: Justin Chan (Attorney for the band).

c. In Rock Hard, Nalini goes into lot more details about Gabriel Bishop's family, bit more than what she would have shown normally. That makes me feel that we might see stories for those characters pretty soon. His family includes:

i. Gabriel's adopted father Joseph Esera, his mother, his own brother, Sailor Bishop, and his brothers with Joseph as father - Jacob "Jake" Esera and Daniel "Danny" Esera.

ii. Sailor Bishop's family included his wife Isalind "Isa" and daughter Emmaline "Sweetiepie"; while Jake Esera's family included his daughter Esme, wife shown as deceased. Danny is unmarried still. 

iii. Somewhere during the middle of this plot, Gabriel "Gabe" Bishop and Charlotte "Charlie" Baird get married as well. However, Nalini doesn’t write a chapter for them nor a novella. But in the end, she does indicate that it was injustice to them and that she would be creating a spin-off series concentrating on the Bishop-Esera Clan and through that series we would get to see Gabe and Charlie's wedding as well. Which means we will have more books coming up soon, and perhaps we will see the Schoolboy Choir Band members again.


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