Book Critique: Rock Redemption (Rock Kiss Series #3)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation:  Fantasy romance that brings the glitzy world of fame and the ordinary pleasures a perfect mate can give, along with the darker undersides of both worlds. Easy read for those sunny warm days, or cuddly cool days.

Rock Redemption is the third book in the Rock Kiss Series by Nalini Singh published in October of 2015. The central plot revolves around Noah St. John - the Guitarist of the Schoolboy Choir Band - and Kathleen "Kit" Devingy - up and coming actress and a close friend of the band members.

The series revolves around the four members of the Schoolboy Choir rock band who met as school mates but form a family within themselves with music. Readers will share their personal and professional lives, their hard pasts making them the media's best bad wolves; and the leading ladies who capture the eyes of these bad wolves and like to get tamed; above all a sense of strong family, strength and support in every walk of life.

Although I had read this book in January itself, hadn't posted the review until I read the novella, Rock Courtship. Now that I have completed reading that and posted its review, here is my take on the next book in the series.

In Rock Addiction we had glimpses of fire brewing between Noah and Kit, while we see more of Noah in Rock Courtship. So naturally I had expected Nalini to base her next book after Rock Courtship around Noah and Kit, instead she gave us Charlie and Gabriel's story in Rock Hard. Now, finally we get the much awaited story about the bad boy guitarist of the band, Noah, and down to earth sweet actress, Kit.

After brutally breaking her heart and their friendship, Kathleen "Kit" Devingy had never wanted anything to do with Noah St. John, the guitarist of Schoolboy Choir, the bad boy of the band. Yet, when Noah needed her she agrees to be his friend. But will it cost Kit her heart and soul again? Or will Noah become her redemption?

Nalini covers two aspects in this plot - one about being victim of stalking and the other about being a victim of child abuse. How the characters deal with the aftermath, almost destroying themselves while finding a light to come out like a burning phoenix was something powerful to read about in a plot with erotic undercurrents.

Nalini also shows how media spins stories around two people and weaves threads that never exist, and how publicists are forced to use that to either further the career of their clients, making it a positive spin; and how the famous personalities have to bear the brunt even if they don’t agree with the stories, but yet cannot go against it, lest the image fades. Being famous is a very sharp edged knife to walk on.

This particular series made me think of all the gossip magazines and stories they weave around celebrities. I would think twice next time I pick up such magazines or indulge in such talk with anyone. There is more to the story always and more than often what is shown is not what actually happens. 

Again Nalini has the book opening with a preface titled "Broken", but did not divide the book into parts, instead segued directly into chapters this time around. One thing I did notice though, Nalini keeps bringing back the minor characters as well to life as the series progresses, weaving them seamlessly into the tapestry.

When I first read this book in February of this year, it left a lasting impression on my mind. Several scenes from book kept cropping up into my thoughts for months after even though I had read other books and other authors since this. One of the reader, Linda McDonald, on Nalini Singh's FB page had commented that I would love Rock Redemption of all the books in the series. And I have to agree, it is the best of all the books in the series so far.

There are a lot of "F" bombs that reminded me of Christine Feehan's Shadow Series and Torpedo Ink Series books. But those are a bit gorier and grittier compared to what Nalini Singh has put forth.

We see a bit of repeat paraphrasing. Yet, it has been a pleasure and easy read with some very surprising turns. Now I cant wait to pick up the final book in the series. 

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. Noah St. John's family included - his sister Emily, his aunt Margaret, his father Robert St. John and mother Virginia St. John.

b. Kit Devingy's family and close circle included, other than the Schoolboy Choir Band:

i. Her parents - Father Parker Ordaz-Castille, famous tennis player, and mother Adreina Ordaz-Castille, a famous model and film star. 

ii. Her Security team - Butch and Casey.

iii. Her makeup artist friend, Becca

iv. Her Publicist - Thea Arsana, who handled the Schoolboy Choir Band as well. 

c. It was very cute scene where Nalini spins for Noah and Kit in which they both watch Dancing with the Stars reality show, and has Noah giving ridiculous comments. This used to be one my favorite reality show until last season they made a non-dancing celebrity win the mirror ball by steadily eliminating really good dancers with high scores and full scores. A total disappointment if you may say. I am on the fence if I want to watch the series anymore, as the next season is coming up in September.

d. At the end of the plot, Noah asks Kit to marry him, to which she says yes. 

2. Sub Plots:

a. Members of the Schoolboy Choir Band:

i. Zachary Fox - lead singer. Engaged to be married to Molly Webster. Story told in Rock Addiction. As of this plot, they are planning their wedding in 6 to 8 weeks.

ii. David Rivera - the drummer - Engaged to be married to Thea Arsana, their publicist. Story told in Rock Courtship. At the beginning of the plot, Nalini mentions that they were getting married in Bali, but not when and she also doesn’t show a scene for that. And towards the end of the plot, she implies David and Thea are married. Are they? Or are they not? Hmm…a question of confusion. 

iii. Abe (the keyboardist)

b. Extended Friends and Family of the Band and their better halves:

i. Justin Chan (Attorney for the band); 

c. Abe has an ex-wife, Sarah, and a bitter past as well, per Rock Courtship. In this plot, Sarah is rescued by the Schoolboy Choir Band members and their better halves from a difficult situation. I am guessing this is where Nalini would begin their story in the next book, if I am not wrong.

d. Abe also had a sister, Tessie, who died of a mysterious illness. 

e. In Rock Hard, Nalini goes into lot more details about Gabriel Bishop's family, bit more than what she would have shown normally. That makes me feel that we might see stories for those characters pretty soon. His family includes:

i. Gabriel's adopted father Joseph Esera, his mother, his own brother, Sailor Bishop, and his brothers with Joseph as father - Jacob "Jake" Esera and Daniel "Danny" Esera.

ii. Sailor Bishop's family includes his wife Isalind "Isa" and daughter Emmaline "Sweetiepie"; while Jake Esera's family includes his daughter Esme, wife shown as deceased. Danny is unmarried still. 

iii. At the end of that plot, Gabriel and Charlie get engaged to be married.


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