Book Critique - Of Blood And Bone (Chronicles of The One #2)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: A dystopian magical romantic novel from the queen of romance with hints of myths and shades of evil vs good. A fitting sequel filled with suspense, perils, love, friendship and above all a goal to find a peaceful place to live in harmony; the plot definitely keeps you gripped till the end.

Of Blood And Bone is the second book in the Chronicles of The One series by Nora Roberts published in December of 2018. The plot revolves around Fallon Swift, her upbringing and training that she undergoes before she is accepted as The One.

After the Doom, the world has been left in chaos and into an age where most essential needs of man - Gas, Electricity, Water, Medicine - become scarce or non-functioning; where magic rises over science in both Dark and Light shades; where survivors are striving to live at one end while various organizations - The Raiders; Purity Warriors; Groups of Dark Uncanny - take root to exploit everyone around. And everyone look forward to the rise of The One - be it supporters or adversaries.

Fallon Swift grows up on her adopted father's - Simon Swift - farm along with her mother Lana, and brothers - Colin, Travis and Ethan; learning all kinds of skills for survival as well as to fight if needed. But at the age of thirteen, she goes with Mallick, for getting trained further, to become The One that everyone expects her to be. While she is training Duncan and Antonio, Katie's twins, work with the rest of the people in New Hope in finding supplies, rescue people and fight perils every day. 

Continuing with the dystopian theme, yet keeping true to her usual concept of Magic and Myths, Nora Roberts spins the next plot in the Chronicles of The One. She builds strong men and women as she weaves, and she also shows that as Light grows so does Dark. 

Intense story, however, Nora has so many characters moving in and out of pages, I wondered how she kept straight. As a reader, sometimes I had to go back and read some pages or figure out who the character was which made the read a bit slower than usual. But I wasn’t pulled emotionally into it as much as the previous book. 

Again Nora breaks out her plot in sections with 1-page inserts at the start of the section showing the title and a quote – The Choice, Becoming, Visions, The Sword and The Shield, Journeys. Yet, we do not know if this would be a trilogy or quartet or a multi-book series (which Nora has attempted only once with The McGregor books). Hopefully it will be a multi-book series, since it has become a norm now.

A fitting sequel to a new series by Nora Roberts, that has the hallmark of everything Nora in the style of writing, portraying the characters and the flow of the plot. Filled with suspense, perils, love, friendship and above all a goal to find a peaceful place to live in harmony; the plot definitely keeps you gripped till the end. Go pick it up and read!

Spoiler Alerts:

1) Plot Reveals:

a. New folks who play a major role now and perhaps more in the next book:

i. Mallick - the one who trains Fallon

ii. Mick - the kid she befriends while she stays with Mallick. 

b. Duncan has dreams of Fallon long before they meet in-person. At the end of book both admit to having feelings for each other. But Duncan leaves to get trained for two years.

c. Petra, Eric and Allegra's daughter, comes into New Hope as a victim and gets rescued from a raid that New Hope people do on the Purity Warriors. At the end of the plot, all three attack New Hope again trying to create a massacre as before. While Eric gets killed in the ensuing battle, Petra and Allegra escape.

d. Petra kills Duncan's friend Denzel. So we will definitely see a face-off between Petra and Duncan in the next plot. 

2) Sub Plots:

a. All the characters we had seen in the first book that were part of Max Fallon and Lana Bingham's journey settle in a town that they call New Hope, the very town were Max's step-brother, Eric, and his girlfriend, Allegra, create a massacre that kills Max, and forces Lana to go on the run.

b. Fate of the key characters we saw in the first book:

i. Arlys Reid - a dedicate reporter - marries Will Anderson, and have kids of their own.

ii. Dr. Rachel Hopman and Jonah Vorhies - the doctor and paramedic - marry and have kids of their own.

iii. Eddie Clawson and Fred, who was an intern at Arly's station, become a couple as well, with a few kids of their own.

iv. Katie McLeod Parsoni, sole survivor of the McLeod clan raises her twins - Duncan and Antonio - and adopted orphan - Hannah - into able teenagers, who fight the crimes every single day in their own way.

v. Starr - who was rescued by Lana - and Flynn - who joins Max in the journey - now reside in New Hope, as friends, taking care of each other when needed.


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