Book Critique – Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Trinity # 2)

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Stars: 3.5 / 5

My Recommendation: A very intriguing plot to continue the series, keeping readers on the edge of the journey that Nalini Singh is taking them with her plot in this futuristic location filled with three different species trying to live in balance

Ocean Light is the second book in the Psy-Changeling Trinity Series (17th book in the Psy-Changeling Series) by Nalini Singh published in June of 2018. The central plot revolves around Bowen "Bo" Adrian Knight - Security Chief of Human Alliance - and Kaia Luna - a BlackSea changeling. It is set in a BlackSea installation in 2083, two months after the events in the previous book, Silver Silence.

In the previous book, Silver Silence, we were introduced to Bowen "Bo" Knight as the Security Chief of Human Alliance. Having not read the parent series, Psy-Changeling Series, I presume this is the first time we meet Bo. He had been portrayed as a very strong-minded, iron-willed and fair in his ruling as a Security Chief.

That is why I was surprised, when Nalini Singh had expunged his character mid-way through that plot. I was very disappointed and wanted to see more of Bo. What do you know! When I picked the next book in the series, it was indeed centered around Bo. Glad Nalini Singh got back to her senses and brought Bo back. Phew!

Although Bo was shown as being dead in Silver Silence, he is actually kidnapped by the BlackSea Changelings to perform a very high-end experimental technology on him to keep him alive. And that is where this plot begins, 2 months after his attempted assassination during which time he had been in coma. 

While Bo is recuperating and getting more experimented on at the BlackSea Installation, Ryujin,  he is intrigued by Kaia Luna, a BlackSea changeling who has no trust in humans. Apart from that several BlackSea changelings have been disappearing on human boats. And to top it, Bo is still trying to find a way to keep the humans being exploited by Psy. With all this going around Kaia and Bo, their instant attraction keeps them at bay until they act on it, and face the consequences.

Bo is shown as the Human Alpha with the same equality as the Alphas of other changeling clans. He is strong, fair and empathetic that speaks to Kaia's human self. And he is equally playful that speaks to her other self. Nalini seamlessly created one person to appeal to bot sides of Kaia, yet did not make it an imbalanced relationship either. Kaia is a perfect complement to him in every way.

Malachai Rhys is the Security Chief for the BlackSea water changelings. Nalini Singh has given considerable background for him. Yet, I am craving a story for him. More so perhaps the name reminds me of Malachi Sullivan, the eldest of the Sullivan siblings from the novel Three Fates by Nora Roberts (My review of that book here). That book captured me a lot, and Malachi definitely left a lasting impression. So will Nalini Singh have a story for her Malachi as well?

The clan mentality that Nalini Singh showed with the bears in Silver Silence, continues with the water changelings in this plot. They are so similar in their way of lives, yet so different. Just like all the humans around the world, who are so similar yet so different. Her futuristic plot emulates the current real world so closely. 

With the various characters from the earlier books popping up and terminology like Silence Protocol, Honeycomb, Psy Council, The Coalition, Territorial Wars, etc. you might every well be finding me the same - reading the parent series from the beginning.

While in the previous book, Silver Silence, Nalini Singh had opened every chapter with quotes from characters in this series and parent series that were told in years past, in this book, she opened it with actual conversations between various characters from the book. And each conversations give us a glimpse into what the readers might see in that chapter.

The amount of scientific technology and medical advancement that Nalini Singh shows in the plot is far more futuristic than one can imagine. Yet, there are bits and pieces of them that I remember reading as cutting edge or upcoming next generation kind - like the hundreds of tiny bugs hooked to Bo's system while in coma - but not yet fully successfully experimented to be used by general population. A world with that much advancement could be a better place, and yes, there would be equal harm also done if used in evil way.

Again Nalini Singh has left so much open ended sub-plots for various characters in both the books so far. Definitely meat for more books in future. Just curious to see whom does she pick up next, or rather which character speaks to her next.

A very intriguing plot to continue the series, keeping readers on the edge of the journey that Nalini Singh is taking them with her plot in this futuristic location filled with three different species trying to live in balance. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

Spoiler Alerts:

1. Plot Reveals:

a. Kaia Luna family includes - Elenise and Iosef Luna (her parents); a string of cousins - Dr. Atalina "Attie" Suzuki Kahananui (mated to Dex, the Station Commander), Malachai Rhys (Security Chief), Attie's brothers (Edison, Armand and the identical triplets Teizo, Tevesi and Taji). Edison is perhaps going to be mated with Seraphina, Kaia's best friend. Armand seems to be interested in Tansy - another of Kaia's best friend. Oleanna is set to court Tevesi.

b. Bowen "Bo" Knight's family includes - Lily (his sister); his team calling themselves as Bowen's Knights (Cassius Drake, Heenali Roy, Ajax, Zeb, Domenica Bianchi); Leah and Jerard (his parents)

c. Adrian Kenner, the peace negotiator of the 18th century territorial wars, kept appearing in the plot for Silver Silence and in here too. Infact Bowen Knight is a direct descendent of Adrian Kenner. So much of him is mentioned, makes me wonder if Nalini Singh had spun a story for him in the parent series.

d. Adina Mercant, a Psy poet from history, gets referenced a lot in this series. We saw in Silver Silence that Silver Mercant was a direct descendent of her. Has Nalini had a story for her in the parent series?

e. Giovanni Somme heads the Human Alliance, although Bo is clearly their alpha. 

f. Bo had asked Kaleb to find a solution for retaining the chips in the human mind so they can be blocked by Psy on good faith. Seems to be a solution had been found in this plot that would keep the chips from degrading. Also Bo seems to have found another solution of getting human minds into Psy network - friendship. At the end of the plot Kaleb and Bo form a bond of friendship.

g. KJ had been the person behind the BlackSea changeling deaths and the false trail leading to Bowen. He is working with The Consortium. However, Nalini doesn’t give him a closure nor reveal who are The Consortium yet. 

h. The database holding the information about the hidden tattoos that all the BlackSea had put on them has a third anonymous person holding access to it apart from Miane and Malachi. Who is that one is not revealed either.

2. Sub-Plots: 

a. There are several Psy Designations that are thrown around by the author Nalini Singh. I wondered if there was a list of all of them some where. And true to that, some fan had posted about them here.

b. Characters from the Psy-Changeling Series that pop up here:

i. Kaleb Krychek - a Dual Cardinal, mated to Sahara Kyriakus.

ii. Lucas Hunter - a Leopard Changeling representing all the Changelings for the Trinity Accord. His mate is Sascha Duncan, a Psy. He has a Psy-Changeling child.

iii. Ashaya "Shaya" and Amara Aliene - brilliant Psy scientists. A rebel group destroyed their research on an implant that would help all three species. They are still finding a solution to the already degenerating chips installed in Bo, his sister Lily and his team. Dorian Christensen - a Leopard changeling and Sentinel is Ashaya's mate.

iv. Arrow Squad:

1) Aden Kai - leader of the Arrow Squad

2) Vasic Zen - his second-in-command, mate to Ivy Jane Zen (member of The Ruling Coalition, an empath Psy)

v. Surviving Council members:

1) Anthony Kyriakus - related to Sahara? -  and  Nikita Duncan - Sascha Duncan's mother -  now part of The Ruling Coalition. But there seems to be a relationship between Anthony and Nikita

2) Ming LeBon, Shoshanna Scott and Tatiana Rika-Smythe (unknown fate)

vi. Sophia Russo and Max Shannon - the only known Psy-Human pair.

vii. Samuel Rain

c. The various Changelings we see during the course of the series are

i. StoneWater Bears headed by Valentin Mikhailovich "Mishka" Nikolaev, mated to Silver Mercant, a Psy

ii. BlackEdge Wolves headed by Selenka Durev. Margo Lucenko is head of Silver's building security.

iii. DarkRiver Leopards - Tamsyn is their healer. Lucas Hunter from this group represents the Changelings for the Trinity Accord, his mate is Sascha Duncan, a Psy. Rina Monaghan is a sentry.

iv. SnowDancer Wolves - Brenna from that clan is a computer geek like Pavel and Yakov. Her mate is an assassin. Hawke is their alpha.

v. BlackSea Water changelings - Miane Leveque is their Alpha, Malachai Rhys is their Security Chief. Miane and Malachi are shown as lovers in this plot. Pity I would have loved a plot for Malachi alone. 

d. The Consortium is an organization working against the Trinity Accord and trying to destroy the thought of having Psy, Changeling and Human on the same plane. It is headed by someone who calls themselves The Architect, and believed to be a woman.

e. HAPMA - Humans Against Psy Manipulation - is another rogue organization committing crimes on Humans in the name of protecting them from slavery to Psy, even after Psy have started to change their ways from the previous Council. One of the key person for this shadow organization is David Fournier.

f. The Ruling Coalition of the Psy - newly formed coalition after defunct of Psy Council. Members include - Kaleb, Anthony, Nikita, Ivy Jane, Aden

g. In Silver Silence, there is an unanswered question about a bear clan in Angola and Valentin Nikolaev, the alpha to StoneWater bears, was still looking into it. Also one of the bear cubs, Svetlana "Sveta" Valeria Kuznetsov seems to have hidden Psy abilities, mostly of an empath.

3. Grammatical / Character / Plot / Geographical / Historical / Mythological Errors:

a. On Pg. 142, Line 8 from bottom, it should be "…she used to sneak…"

b. On Pg. 144, Line 10 from bottom, it should be "…Such a paradoxical…"


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